How to give her a series of orgasms (using sex toys)

Someone does not know how to bring to one, and someone dreams of several at once. This is, of course, about orgasms. They are the engine of the progress of your relationship. Practice shows that those men (or girls) who cannot achieve even one orgasm simply did not try sex toys and did not show imagination. It does not matter whether you want to make your partner pleasant (very pleasant) or to reach new heights of pleasure yourself if you are a girl, our article will help you achieve a whole series of orgasms using different toys. So, let’s begin.        

1. Vibration stimulators

Vibration stimulators are the cornerstone of multiple and vivid orgasms, a must-have for any advanced lady. If your partner is really interested in your maximum satisfaction, he will not refuse such a helper on the sexual front. Not only can vibratory stimulators help you achieve different types of orgasm ( clitoral and vaginal, for example), but they also give you a whole series of bursts of pleasure. Just imagine, while you work in one place, the toy successfully affects another, and your passion simply opens up new horizons for itself. 

2. Vibrators We- vibe

Conscientious citizens recognize the vibrator by its familiar phallus shape and persistent buzzing. It’s time to discard plebeian notions, because there is a whole generation of sex aggregates that, although not standard in appearance, are divine in sensations. A fundamentally new form of vibrators We- vibe , which allows you to take into account all the anatomical features of a woman’s body, can give orgasms to infinity and loss of strength. Such things simultaneously affect several strategically important erogenous zones at once, for example, the clitoris and the G-spot, the anus and the back wall of the vagina, and so on. Any such device has detailed instructions with options, but it is much more interesting to study them and the partner’s body on your own. Many orgasms at once are guaranteed to you. 

3. G-spot stimulator

And now for the theoretical part, guys. Because, surprisingly, there are people in our time who are unaware of such a powerful erogenous zone, which, by the way, is responsible, among other things, for multiple orgasms. The G-spot is hidden on the wall of the vagina, and if you act on it correctly, you can achieve a very bright, incomparable pleasure. And so that the guys do not have to look for the cherished area for hours , like cheerful researchers, they came up with vibrating massagers- stimulators of the G-spot. Just use them as directed, and their anatomical shape will quickly bring your partner to orgasm and far from one. 

4. Oral sex simulator

A chic thing for all ladies who value pleasure and want to finally experience multiple orgasms. The WOMANIZER DREAMS SWAROVSKI cunnilingus simulator is decorated with Swarovski crystals for an aesthetic pleasure. But the main value of this little thing is the precise stimulation of the most secret erogenous zones, which can easily replace the most skillful lover. By creating a vacuum and contractions, you are guaranteed a series of orgasms.  

5. Clitoris stimulants

The clitoris is the most important participant in sexual play on a woman’s body. If you influence him, the girl in 90% will get an orgasm. If you act on him correctly, then he is not alone. If a man works with his penis, and at the same time has a little helper to stimulate the clitoris, then your lady will probably just lose her head. Now the assortment and varieties of clitoris stimulants are so wide that you can find the most advanced devices, with different speeds, methods of exposure, intensity. Clitoral and vaginal orgasms are guaranteed.  

6. Vibrator with shoots

The Exotic Butterfly vibrator is a real find for those who have long dreamed of experiencing a series of orgasms. The butterfly scion actively and vividly stimulates the clitoris, while miniature pearls rotate inside the large scion, creating an additional, point-like vibration. A woman will experience unimaginable pleasure, even if she is carved out of stone. 7 speeds, 3 different modes of action, ideal anatomical shape. Just present this toy to your passion, so that she understands all the benefits of a whole series of orgasms.  

7. Electrostimulating devices

And then heavy artillery drove up. These electrostimulators are suitable even for those who have never experienced an orgasm with a partner before, but now want to get everything at once. Electric discharges of different intensity are absolutely safe and at the same time increase sensuality, awaken sensitivity, stimulate erogenous zones persistently and brightly. Partners only need to choose a variety of devices, because there are a lot of them, from suction cups and bullets to gloves. Obviously, not only the clitoris or vagina can be stimulated with electricity, but also the erogenous zones.  

8. Vibro- pads on the nipples

I personally know many girls who, in principle, are not enthusiastic about sex, but if a partner starts to caress their nipples, then the heat comes and the buzz itself. Such ladies can safely experience several orgasms one after another even before the man ends. Alas, not all girls even guess what power is hidden in their nipples, thereby depriving themselves of exquisite pleasure. Vibro -nakladki PLEASURE CUPZ able to quickly remedy the situation. Just attach them to your nipples and vibrate. Everything! You have never experienced such vivid emotions. The attachments can work without recharging for 40 minutes in a row, this time is definitely enough to get tired of orgasms.  

9. Anal toys

The same situation as with the nipples is observed with anal stimulants. Many girls are frankly shy and afraid of toys in this sphere, but what is pleasant and gives a bright thrill should not be taboo. A huge percentage of women who do not experience convincing pleasure from vaginal stimulation simply lose their minds if they play with their anus a little. Your partner may not even guess what horizons open up if you give her anal toys. For some, balls are more suitable, for others – plugs and even phalluses. The delicate tissues of the anus respond to even the slightest touch and can be a source of pleasure. 

10. Vaginal balls

About any series of orgasms and even one modest outburst of pleasure is out of the question if the girl simply does not know how and cannot relax, if her vagina is simply not adapted to this. On the other hand, vaginal balls are ideal for sensitizing . This is a real pleasure trainer that prepares you for multiple orgasms in record time. If you use them methodically, you can really quickly increase the elasticity of the walls, their contractility. In addition, you will give pleasure to your man, thereby increasing sexual compatibility. Sex toys can absolutely change your life in bed, in the car, and elsewhere. With them, a series of orgasms will become the norm, and you will feel how it affects your life. Why put off the pleasures of life for later?  


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