How to have a romantic evening in silence

Are you very temperamental? Express your emotions violently? Then you should diversify your romantic relationship and try at least one evening to express your feelings and desires without words. Silent sex will open up a myriad of new sensations to you. Make sure your body language speaks louder than any words. Here are some tips on how to set things up.

Take care not to be distracted

Do you want this evening to be just yours? So turn off all communication devices with the outside world. Remember that third-party sounds (calls, alerts, etc.) will distract and disrupt your idyll. Today is an evening of silence and getting to know each other in a new role. The only thing that is allowed from extraneous sounds is unobtrusive background music.

Think over the foreplay

Before a stormy night, there should be an appropriate foreplay. Foreplay is not only foreplay before the start of sexual intercourse, it is also a romantic dinner, and a walk under the starry sky, etc. Warn your man in advance so that he will understand and support you correctly. Now it seems to you that this is banal and simple. But until you try, you won’t know. The most important condition is whatever you do, do it silently.

Do not skimp on affection

Of course, without the help of words, awkward situations and hiccups can arise. Don’t get lost and take matters into your own hands. Start seducing your loved one. How? You are a woman, trust your intuition. After all, tactile contact can speak more eloquently than words. A languid look, light strokes, hugs, kisses, erotic massage, etc. The only thing that is not recommended is to move on to stimulating the genitals. Tease the man, let the blood boil in his veins with desire, and the response will not be long in coming.

Take him to the bedroom

If passions escalate to the limit, take your man to the bedroom, just remember that you need to remain silent. Go first, inviting you to follow you with a nod, beckon him with your finger, lure him with a playful look. Your partner is already in the game and will correctly assess any of your messages.

Show him your desires

If you want something specific, but words cannot express it, just take your partner’s hand and put it where you want to feel his touch. Drop modesty, do not wait for the initiative from the man, insert his penis into yourself, set the rhythm. If a man is discerning and loves you, he will correctly assess your promises. It will be very intriguing and exciting.

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