How to have sex in Feng Shui?

Correctly have sex in Feng Shui – it means to strictly comply with these same “sex-fenshui” rules. Exactly exactly! .. If you only stick to the theme of “Feng Shui Sex” in general terms, then inevitably slide into the banal “just sex”. And there, and not far from a primitive sexual intercourse without a hint of at least some esoteric feelings and emotions.

But before you begin to study the rules of Feng Shui sex, please read some introductory part.

Feng Shui sex should be long and unhurried – almost meditative. And the more leisurely and calmer such sex is, the better, because the maximum duration and full involvement in this process can take you to a whole new level of energy.

Don’t even try to “fast-feed” in sex. Better get into the words of Great Osho: “Know sex! Enter it consciously! Here’s a secret to open a new door. If you unconsciously have sex, you are just a tool in the hands of biological evolution. But if you are able to remain aware in a sexual act , awareness itself becomes deep meditation … “

Now the three rules themselves. So:

Rule One: Feng Shui Sex Should Be Under Sensitive Care

Tai Sui and Sui Po should have sex, and they will definitely do it. Moreover, Tai Sui will vigilantly look after you from the southeast side in the direction of the northwest. His gaze will be focused only on you, and it is advisable for you to turn your back or another part of the body to it. And in no case do not look in his direction! .. You can look anywhere and at anyone, but not to the southeast.

Sui Po is always on the opposite side of Tai Sui and therefore stares at you from the northwest side. But do not pay attention to him. If only he “did not see” your repair and construction work, and he does not care about sex. Although in sex, he will definitely help you.

Tai Sui – Grand Duke, or Jupiter, or Prince of the Year. It has particularly strong energy, but does not bring happiness or unhappiness. Tai Sui only enhances the manifestation of characteristics prevailing in the sector of influence.

Sui Po – Destroyer of the Year. It also has strong energy and enhances the manifestation of characteristics prevailing in the sector of influence.

The conclusion of the first rule: calmly, and most importantly – leisurely, long, meditatively have sex, not staring at Tai Sui. He can and should look at you – he will add energy to you. So that you have enough strength for unhurried sex.

Rule two: do not forget about real helpers in sex!

In order to really awaken your already almost extinct volcano of passions and direct the arisen sexual energy in the right direction, you should take various representatives of the fauna as assistants.

Tastefully selected and correctly placed animal figurines will help bring your sexual relations to a whole new level. With Feng Shui sex, there is no need to puzzle over the location of sex symbols in your home. All sex decor should be in a compact group only in a certain place – in the southwestern corner of the room for having sex.

The choice of animal symbols that promise you happiness in love is a matter of your taste and your preferences. The main thing is that there should be “couples”. A couple of mandarin ducks, a pair of cranes, a pair of pigeons, dolphins, goats, kitties, dogs … – all this can effectively serve in the matter of establishing harmony in sexual relations.

If you can’t achieve complete understanding with a partner in sex, a couple of carps will solve this problem. Images of these fish, coupled with your photographs decorated with lotuses (even artificial ones), will help you finally find peace and tranquility, harmony and satisfaction.

Conclusion of the second rule: if your partner in the preparation of a sexually decorative composition begins to quietly growl “Every creature has a pair,” or if your composition begins to remotely resemble a farmyard, do not worry – when you have sex directly, all the characters will say another word. And they will come to your aid.

Rule Three: Change Sexual Poses as if You are Dancing

Feng Shui sex is not a discharge of the body, not a way out of men’s accumulated after prolonged abstinence, not a long-awaited female orgasm. This is a state of exultant ecstasy! .. This is a feeling of unity with the universe filled with love. This is the ability to concentrate on one’s own sensuality and to experience feelings of a partner sharpened as one’s own.

In Feng Shui sex, partners need to be able to easily move from one pose to another without stopping for “respite”. Hours of sex with multiple orgasms as “endless” meditation outside of time and space – this is what real Feng Shui sex is.

Final conclusion: Feng Shui sex can be learned!

And it’s better to start your studies with training in a smooth transition from one position to another. Move as needed so that there is a feeling that you dance – one beautiful movement is replaced by another, bewitching music invites improvisation, there is a desire to learn a new love “pa” … And dance all the lasts and lasts.

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