How to hug a girl to make her feel good

Hug the girl as often as possible. In the course of research at Carnegie Mellon University, it was proved that regular hugs increase immunity, increase resistance to viruses, and simply cheer up. But how to hug a girl for the first time and not push her away?

What are hugs

Each guy hugs a girl in several ways:

  1. Friendly – pulls the partner to the chest for a few seconds and then immediately pulls away. Most often, this is how old friends meet or say goodbye. Such a hug can be accompanied by a pat on the back. The advantage of friendly contact is that there is no need to conduct a conversation or establish a visual contract in front of it. With this type of interaction, it is quite possible for guys to start communicating with girls.
  2. Love – this type is appropriate when partners are already meeting, contact has been established between them.
  3. Comforting – he hugs the girl to calm her down, holding on like a friend. Keep your hands on your back, press the girl gently and firmly to show that you are not indifferent to her sadness.

In any of the situations, the response from the woman is a sign of her trust. She hugs back when it is safe and pleasant for her.

There are several ways to hug the girl you love:

View Description
“From the back” Hands do not fall below the waist, crossed on the back. You make the lady feel secure.
“Flying” At the moment of the hug, the girl needs to be lifted so that her legs are off the ground. There are options – the chosen one sits on a support in front of a partner or simply keeps on weight. By this, a man wants to show that she is the most dear to him.
“Pickpocket” This view is used when a couple is walking together. Their hands are placed in each other’s back pockets, crossing at the elbows. This gesture means that there is still passion in the relationship.
visual In this case, it does not matter how the bodies of the partners will be located. The main thing is that the eyes of the couple are located opposite each other. Visual contact allows you to get closer, to feel emotions.
“Lock” The contact of the bodies is maximum, such a hug is used in a fit of passion. It is appropriate for couples who have a strong emotional connection.

Feelings of a girl during tactile contact

Hugs without intimate connotations for a girl mean:

  • that it is valuable;
  • she is given signs of attention and care;
  • that the guy doesn’t care about her.

You should not use hugs only during sex. Hug more often in everyday life. From a beloved man, they are always pleasant.

Signs that a woman is not ready for hugs

Hugs are innocent physical contact. You will understand how to hug properly if you learn to determine when a girl is waiting for such a manifestation of feelings. The signs of this are:

  • she keeps close to the guy;
  • preens, straightening hair and clothes;
  • it maintains direct visual contact for a long time;
  • her mood improves from the meeting, she flirts, laughs;
  • gives signals for rapprochement in different situations, including telling a sad story.

Sometimes the girl herself eschews hugs, but this is not connected with the guy himself. Reasons: she is tired, not ready to physically contact the opposite sex, not self-confident. Sometimes the excuse is banal – I didn’t have time to take a shower and go through other hygiene procedures after playing sports or hard work.

How to hug a girl for the first time

The first tactile contact usually happens on a date. It is important to take into account the circumstances and move on to actions in accordance with them. The first hug is short and friendly. It should be tender, but not very strong.

These tips will tell you how to properly hug a girl without scaring her:

  1. Move smoothly: do not press, but pick it up. Even in a fit of passion, you need to control yourself, not to cause discomfort.
  2. The contact should be short – just a few seconds are enough to make the girl pleasant.
  3. Psychologists recommend that guys who have just started dating girls not give free rein to their hands. Do not touch the chosen one by the lower back or buttocks. Such actions are permissible in an intimate setting. In public, it is appropriate to lightly hug her by the shoulders.
  4. At the beginning of a relationship, avoid hugging from behind. This will only appeal to those who have been dating a guy for a long time. If the partner is cold, it is better to give her your jacket and limit yourself to friendly hugs.

Hugs, if you follow these rules, will help take your relationship to the next level. They will not scare away, will not push the girl away.

It is worth moving on to more tender manifestations of feelings if the girl does not try to move away, reciprocates. Watch her behavior, whether she gives you signals for rapprochement. Try not to scare the girl with excessive perseverance.

Rules for hugging girls when meeting

The welcome hug lasts no more than 3 seconds. With him, the guy’s hands should not fall below the partner’s shoulder blades, don’t press the girl too hard. Movements should be:

  • not intrusive;
  • delicate;
  • calm;
  • leisurely.

Remember, if you squeeze the girl too much, she will be unpleasant. If you feel like hugging, wait until the meeting is over. When parting, contact may be longer if you say something in the process. You can tell a girl how pleased you were to talk to her, see her or take a walk.

Do you feel the slightest tension from a woman or unwillingness to continue tactile contact? Back off.

How to enjoy hugs

For a girl to be pleased, you need to know the technology of hugs and choose the time for contact. Psychologists give the following recommendations on how to hug properly:

  1. Short hugs set a positive mood for a date. They should be discreet, not too intimate.
  2. Longer hugs are allowed if the girl herself shows interest in tactile contact. Gradually reduce the distance, and do not press with your whole body. Act delicately.
  3. Before parting, you can increase the time of hugs, but you need to monitor the situation. If a girl shows interest in you, you can hug her and say a few nice words.
  4. If there is mutual sympathy, you can hug longer. At the same time, it is not necessary to squeeze the girl, cause her discomfort.

With mutual sympathy for a girl, hugs will be pleasant. She will feel protected, there will be a pleasant feeling of warmth. The person she allows into her personal space is not just an acquaintance or friend. This comes from childhood, when feelings were expressed by hugs only close and dear people.

How to hug a woman by the waist and other places

You are ready to move on to passionate hugs and understand that the girl is also ready, pay attention to the meaning of your gestures.

  • a young man hugs a girl from behind – he shows that he is able to give her protection, ready to take on all the blows of fate;
  • is facing her – show interest in her beloved.

Best of all, hugging the waist, look into the girl’s eyes. This will show that you are serious. The facial expressions and reaction of a woman to tactile contact will tell you what to do next.

How to Avoid Embarrassment

There are a few tips to make hugging enjoyable for both partners. Here’s how to hug properly:

  1. Don’t forget about hygiene. No one wants to cuddle with a guy who smells bad, but a lot of perfume can repel a girl. Choose shower gels and perfumes that are subtle, woody or close to natural.
  2. Focus on the signals that the girl gives. Pay attention to non-verbal messages. It is worth delaying touching if your partner keeps a distance, maintains a distance, does not give signs, and is generally restrained in your presence.
  3. Pick a good time and place. It’s funny to hug passionately in public, in public transport. Keep the urge to hug your friend to your chest if circumstances do not require it.

Remember, life is not a movie. Only there the heroes can meet in the crowd and immediately begin to embrace passionately. In reality, you may be slapped for inappropriate actions. This is especially true of the first days of dating, when relationships are just emerging.

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