How to like girls?

In order for beauties to pay attention to you, you first need to appreciate yourself. Obviously, everyone likes people who invest in themselves: they take care of their appearance (this applies to both clothing and body), improve their education, find interesting entertainment and develop themselves comprehensively. If this is inherent in you, you understand that you are not mediocre and useful in this world, then you are already playing in the league of guys who girls can like, and they will be ready to fight for you.

But, there is a question “How to like girls?” and the other side.

This side is purely psychological. The fact is that we are all, without exception, fighting for influence. We want to influence this world: on the employer, on our employees, on our clients, on our parents – to be significant for them, on our friends, etc.

And the girl also wants to influence. And if its influence affects you easily, then you automatically become uninteresting as a spent feature in the game.

That is, if you try to please, try to please, adapt to her, then at first it will seem attractive to her, but she will get bored very quickly and become uninteresting. This will happen because she will understand that she can do whatever she wants with you.

There is one truth in psychology: we like those who are not yet available. And absolutely all people obey this law, including the girl you want to like.

Therefore, at the end of this article, I would like to give you a paradoxical but effective advice:

“To please girls, do not try to do it on purpose. Be yourself. Engage in your own development and appreciate yourself, then you will be attractive to ladies simply because you are interesting.

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