How to make sex unforgettable? Top 10 Good Habits

The quality of sex depends not only on the partner’s experience, her temperament, technique and willingness to experiment, but also on physical health. That is why, in addition to studying the Kama Sutra with a lover, attention should be paid to other aspects.

To ensure that sex always gives maximum pleasure, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity should adopt a few wisdom, which sexologists and specialists in the field of psychology of family relations share with us. Thanks to the knowledge of these nuances , making love will be a real celebration of soul and body, turning sexual intercourse into an extravaganza of passion.    

1. Start training your intimate muscles. Performing Kegel exercises, a woman learns to control intimate muscles. This not only helps to improve blood flow to the genitals, which allows you to experience more clearly and sharply pleasure during intercourse, but also favorably affects women’s health. The partner will experience no less pleasure! 

2. Start playing sports. A trained and toned body is the key to self-confidence. In addition, a good physical form has the ability to positively influence libido. It is easier for a trained woman to reach the peak of sexual pleasure, she is more hardy and active during intercourse. 

3. Do not refuse regular masturbation. Thanks to self-satisfaction, a woman knows her body better, can study his reactions to affection. Regular masturbation helps her achieve orgasm faster during intercourse. In addition, the appearance of a woman caressing herself has a strong arousing effect on her partner, which is why sexologists recommend that women do not be shy to touch their body and give pleasure during intimacy with a man. This will only increase the quality of sex! 

4. Use sex toys during intimacy. Sexologists claim that such a technique introduces novelty and freshness of sensations into the intimate life of a couple. Such toys are liberating. Thanks to them, new horizons of sexual pleasure open up. 

5. Learn to give yourself completely to sex. It is impossible to get real pleasure from intimacy if you think about extraneous things and everyday problems during intercourse. 

6. Learn to be frank with your partner. Sexologists recommend that partners communicate more with each other, talk about their desires, and admit that they are particularly pleasing. For many, it is very difficult, but deciding to step over embarrassment, you will become closer to each other and will be able to realize the most daring sexual fantasies. The better partners know each other intimately, the more pleasure their intimacy gives them. 

7. Stretch out the pleasure. Scientists have proven that thanks to a long and high-quality foreplay, partners get more sexual pleasure during intercourse. Preliminary caresses, for which partners did not spare time and effort, give a more vivid and thrilling sensation during sex. 

8. Do not get involved in alcohol. A few glasses of wine or champagne at a romantic dinner will make the secret secret and, most likely, the man with whom he shared the meal will be in the lady’s bed. There is nothing reprehensible in this, however, you should not allow intimacy in a state of intoxication to become the norm. This is likely to negatively affect the female libido in the future, because alcohol dulls desire, and is also able to bring to bed the wrong person with whom I would like to be there.  

9. Do not be fooled. Imitation of orgasm has long been a habit of many women. However, such a small deception is disastrous for a couple. After all, a man naturally wants to know whether his beloved is experiencing due pleasure. If you imitate unearthly bliss at the beginning of a relationship so as not to upset your loved one, you should be prepared for the fact that in the future all intimate life may be deprived of the lion’s share of pleasure.   

10. Relax. The best sex is when none of the lovers are fixated on getting their portion of orgasms, positions and aesthetics of the ongoing action. The best sexual act is two loving, completely relaxed intimate partners who surrendered to a fit of passion. It is important to follow your own instincts. That’s why you need to relax, have fun and enjoy every minute.   

A person’s lifestyle, without a doubt, affects the quality of his intimate life. That is why it is necessary to “negotiate” with one’s own body in order to avoid embarrassment in bed and to receive full pleasure from making love. 

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