How to make sex with your beloved unforgettable?

How to diversify sex, make it amazing and unforgettable? This issue is relevant for many couples, especially those with a long experience of living together. The answer is given by sexologists.

You can improve the quality of intimate life by using several simple tips suggested by experts :   

  • Eliminate the problem of lack of sleep.

Scientists have found that the lack of a full night’s rest can cause problems in intimate life. Lack of sleep is the cause of fatigue and irritability, which, in turn, affect the quality of sex and the desire to do it. Agree that a tired and annoyed person is not located for having sex .    

You can correct the situation by ordering your schedule and eliminating the problem of chronic lack of sleep. This will be enough to soon notice a positive result. The libido will increase, there will be more strength and energy necessary for high-quality sexual intercourse.  

Scientists have established the fact that every extra hour of sleep in women increases by 14% the likelihood that they will want to have sex with their man the next day.

  • Women are recommended to engage in the training of intimate muscles.

By doing Kegel exercises, you can not only get rid of the diseases of the genitourinary system, but also significantly strengthen the intimate muscles, which will positively affect the sensations that a woman experiences during intercourse. Thanks to this gymnastics, libido increases, sensitivity and the ability to experience an orgasm increase. It helps to prolong the period of sexual activity. The partner’s ability to control intimate muscles will be appreciated by her lover, he will receive more pleasure from sexual intercourse. 

  • The couple should learn to maintain a playful attitude.

Sex should not be taken with all seriousness and responsibility, as if it was a matter of fulfilling a duty or conscription. Turn this activity into an exciting erotic game for two, which brings a lot of pleasure. Do not plan sex in advance. Do not turn intimate life into a routine. Make playful notes, show your imagination, experiment!

  • Eliminate all distractions from the bedroom.

During sex, nothing should distract the attention of partners from each other. Take away mobile phones, turn off the TV. Let nothing and nobody interfere with your communication with each other!

  • Women are encouraged to learn the art of seduction.

You should not immediately throw off your clothes and proceed to intimacy. Tease a man, make him want to own you. Let him admire his beloved woman in seductive underwear. If you give him a striptease as a prelude to sex, he will be delighted! Let the man take off your clothes, turning this exciting and sensual ritual into an erotic game that is both fun. 

  • The couple should learn to speak openly with each other about their desires and fantasies regarding sex.

Talking about sex openly is not easy. Even couples with many years of experience can not always talk to each other about their erotic fantasies and feel awkward when it comes to a conversation. However, if you do not voice your desires, then how will your loved one find out about them?  

Learn the art of seduction

Speaking to each other about the most intimate, you not only get the opportunity to realize your secret desires, but also become even closer to each other. Frank conversations bring partners together, revive interest in each other, act excitingly and make it possible to realize secret desires.

Use the advice of sexologists, so that an intimate life becomes more vibrant and full of emotions, gives more pleasure. They are simple and accessible to each pair. It is enough to make a little effort so that sex with a loved one becomes unforgettable!

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