How to meet a girl

In order to make it easier for you to understand us, we’ll immediately dot the i – no one has taught us the science of dating and seduction since childhood, so it’s normal that you don’t master this art. It is only in American college films that there are student encyclopedias of sex and science on how to pick up a cheerleader or the most popular girl in high school . In real life, most men only in their dreams can imagine the perfect acquaintance with a beautiful girl. And, often these dreams are again copied by Hollywood films, that is, a set of stamps. As a result of such stereotypical tackles, there are very creative messages from girls. And then the question arises, how to meet a girl? So that she doesn’t send, so that it’s not scary, and so that this acquaintance ends with violent sex? Today we give you instructions on how to avoid mistakes when communicating with girls. So the first thing you have to show is:

How to meet a girl? What do they react to?

Remember that you are a man, and this is already 50% of success. Girls are only interested in you because you are of the opposite sex, and the other 50% are already technical things. Visually and non- verbally, you should give the impression of a person with adequate self-esteem, a relaxed man who comes up to meet several times a day. If it doesn’t work out, train in front of a mirror, gain a skill in practice. Non-verbal signals of confidence are:

  1. Flat back and open shoulders
  2. Looking straight into your eyes
  3. active gesticulation
  4. Smooth voice and loud enough voice
  5. Smile
  6. Correct speech

What to talk about

All these components are extremely important, but the last one is especially important. Imagine that you are all so confident with the gait of Celentano, you approach the girl and start talking about your mother, son-in-law, treasure and an angel from heaven. We are sure that you will have only one and a half seconds of communication, after which you will go back, alone, with the same confident gait. By the way, guys write such nonsense when they use dating sites. Thoughtlessly copy poems and sets of phrases, which, of course, does not work.

How to Approach a Pretty Girl

To begin with, remember that beautiful girls are only stars in social networks, and no one approaches them on the street, everyone just looks at them. So here’s what you need to know to be confident:

There are two types of dating

  • Talk about hype topics
  • Direct Approach

In the first case, we can start a conversation on any topic – news, trends in social networks, hot topics that everyone cares about. During the conversation, explain that you will be happy to continue communication on another day and pick up the phone. In the case of the direct approach, you say it like it is – “Hi, I …” and speak about your intentions in plain language, and also do not forget about non- verbal . We wrote about where it is better to have a date in the article “How to choose places for dates”

  • Feature: Use the world around you to help you get to know each other. If you meet in a coffee shop, then you already know her name – Hi, Katya (Lena / Sveta / Dasha), I – …

Watch Your Speech

It is important to remove begging intonations and the same forms from the voice. That is, the phrases “Can I meet you?” or “Give me a phone number?” absolutely cannot be used. Don’t ask for a phone, but offer a meeting.


Do not admire, but emphasize, pay attention to the details that she emphasized in her appearance! Make compliments streamlined, not head-on. “You are very beautiful” is not a compliment, it is the instant kill of a successful acquaintance. A compliment to a hairstyle, long legs, a cool manicure, girls appreciate this much more.

Do It Constantly

As in any business, practice is important in communication and approaches. The more you try to communicate with girls, the better you will get. You should not be confused by non-standard phrases of girls, be flexible and resourceful. Social acquaintances will also be useful – in the elevator, in line, and at least in the subway. Chatting with strangers is always a good experience that will help you be more confident and relaxed.

What do you get

So what’s the bottom line? To successfully communicate with girls, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Be confident in appearance (posture, gaze gestures)
  2. Don’t be ashamed of your intentions – tell it like it is or lead to it
  3. Do not ask, do not feel guilty about something, but offer and smoothly insist
  4. Be flexible and resourceful in communication, be able to respond to any attack
  5. keep practicing

In the constant practice of communicating not only with girls, but also with just strangers, you improve in a multilateral way. Firstly, you learn to form negotiation skills, and secondly, you expand the boundaries of your own comfort zone. Thanks to this experience, you will pump not only in communicating with girls, but also in other areas of your life.

During the course of the “Rise” training, our students make more communication and acquaintances with girls than the average man in his entire life.

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