How to opt out from anal sex?

In some families arise a situation where one partner wants anal sex sex, and the second such an occupation dislike. What to do if he or she doesn’t stop persuade them? How refuse to do so not to offend a human being? Appropriately whether there is a compulsion in a couple, and it will help whether consent is given to solve the problem communication? Answers on all these and other issue from employees Photoshop.

Desire for anal sex sex’s

Any person may want to anal sex’s. And it doesn’t values, tried he used to be like this practice or no. This type sex becomes more important. increasingly popular, it is often discussed, show in cinema. And a big one attention anal contacts paid in porn. All this creates interest around such actions’.

But desire and curiosity — that not an occasion for enforcement purposes. If the partner or partner they want to try it, they can offer liked person such an occupation. But the second one there are halves right to refuse or agree.

If the desire is mutual, it is worth experimenting. If someone does against, then insist make no sense. Persuasion and blackmail — these are ways tampering, which are in such a state delicate the question is not appropriate. Must not even require explanations’ refusal, so how each in the right to dispose his body, to do this, do not we need justification.

What to do, if the partner insists?

If your favorite human not suggests, a requires, costs talk to him about the boundaries permitted. Everyone has them their own, and marriage not constitute the reason to break the law certain prohibitions. Respect opinions and desires close ones are pledge of happy people relationships’.

If happens blackmail, importantly don’t make any concessions. Even if he / she speak that find another/other person, what will go out of the family or pay for it prostitute, you don’t have to agree, if you don’t have one of your own desires. After receiving one day something happened. the desired solution thus, he or she will be and continue to apply similar method «persuasions’». Although the threat is they may not be real, second person it will be in them believe and fall in love into this trap over and over again.

Not you have to agree out of pity. Sometimes it starts not blackmail, but whims when adult behaves like the child, demanding wishful. Someone make it only the house, as if begging the desired sex. Someone is organizing it scandals on the Internet people or strange scenes that do you owe him or not help her get anal sex. Such a compulsion — it’s emotional violence to which you shouldn’t either yield.

How right refuse

The easiest way don’t look for the evasive ones keywords, and immediately denote his position: “I am such a contact I don’t accept it» or “I don’t want to this kind of sex.” That’s enough for the sane a person to stop.

If partner/s wonder reason for refusal, can we discuss it his position. But this is only a by mutual desire rather than under compulsion. The person does not need to motivate his refusal. But if they ask without charge, I can tell you, Why is this seems to be unacceptable.

If ask questions in anger, communicate not worth. This attempt to ” break» arguments and morally compel by gender contact. In such discussion it is better not to join. They will only lead to a scandal or resentments.

What can’t be done to do when refusing anal sex sex?

When the partner something offers, you can not make any transactions several mistakes’. Refusal must be calm, in it should not be negative. So you can’t do what?

  • Ridicule a person per day his desire. This concerns not only anal, but also any other practician. If the person offers something to try, this is an act of trust. Laugh about it this is mean, this behavior leads to deterioration relationships’.
  • Accuse of perversions. Desire new experience — that’s normal, shame and blame you don’t have to pay for it. It’s worth listening to, without expressing it his position. If anal is not like, don’t worth talking about, that all of it is his practitioner «not the same». Similar charge they will also be repulsed liked person.

Anal sex — safe a practice that can give lots of nice ones feelings’. But she must pass by mutual consent. Pressure one of the parties unacceptably. Blackmail and threats it is worth stopping at the beginning, when alone person from a couple begins to demand fulfill his desire.

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