How to save on sex toys

Having a collection of toys for adults is an expensive pleasure. Especially if you want to try different stimulants. But if you have certain knowledge, you can save a lot on their acquisition.

How to save money in an online store

Shopping online is much more profitable than shopping at a regular store. Even taking into account the cost of delivery. And this, among other things, is more convenient. You can safely consider the product, read about it, immediately look for reviews, compare prices with other sites. And no one is standing over a battered soul: “do you have something to suggest?”

And knowing the features of online stores, you can buy sex toys even cheaper:

  • Promotions. Stores often run sales. These can be individual products or specific brands. Often, prices are reduced on the eve of the holidays. 
  • Two for the price of one. The same promotions, only with an appeal to buy more sex toys. The wording may be different: the second item will be an additional nozzle on the vibrator, a separate inexpensive toy or lubricant. In any case, this is also a pretty good deal. 
  • Discount for new customer. Some stores have a bonus price reduction when registering on the site. Usually this is a small fixed amount, but it’s still nice when you can save at least a little. 
  • Cumulative discount system. With the same purchase through a registered account, points are awarded, which can be spent next time. If any product does not fall into this system, this is reported in its description. 
  • Reduced price due to damaged packaging . Sometimes stores arrange such sales. If the appearance of the container is not the main thing and the toy is not bought as a gift, then why not? You can find out about such offers on social networks or in the newsletter, so do not forget to keep an eye on your favorite stores.
  • Contests. This is an option for lucky ones. The store arranges some kind of competition and the winner receives either a specific product or a certificate, the amount of which can be paid as part of the payment for the product. 

How to save money in a regular sex shop

If there is no particular trust in the postal services or a sex toy is needed urgently (well, you never know), then you can buy it in a regular store. And there, too, you can save money, although it is much more difficult to keep track of price reductions. But in order to attract customers, such shops try to send a newsletter to the phone or e-mail and inform about the delivery and discounts. If, of course, there is a desire to leave your data:

  • Reduced prices at the opening . If you suddenly noticed a new store, you should visit it as soon as possible. To attract customers for some time they can give discounts or certificates.
  • Discounts for regular customers. From the first purchase they can offer to issue a card, by which they will recognize a frequent guest. 
  • Reduced the price of goods from the showcase. It’s just that they won’t give it back to you if there is a brand new unpacked stimulator in the back room. But if the toy is the last one, they can go to a meeting. 
  • Discount on request. The human factor has not been canceled. It is quite possible that they may refuse, referring to the fact that behind the showcase is an employee for hire. But sometimes the owners themselves stand behind the counter, who are very willing to lower the price so that the buyer comes again. At least they don’t bite for the question. 

Non-pricing saving method

Another effective method to save some of the budget is not to skimp on the quality of the toy. The miser pays twice, and this rule also applies to sex products. You need to choose stimulants from high-quality and wear-resistant materials that do not require particularly complex storage. Otherwise, you will have to buy them over and over again.

Of the soft ones, it is medical silicone . It is pleasant to the touch and quite resistant to damage. It is convenient that completely different models are made from it: from anal plugs to vibrators of different price categories. The only thing – over time, the motor, if available, still loses its performance. Glass or ceramics can be stored even longer . The assortment is not so rich, but the beauty of such toys is mesmerizing. True, they can be broken, so be careful. The most resistant option is metal . The only damage that can be done to it is scratches. And then we must try. A metal toy can be boiled (if there is no electronic filling), used with different lubricants, treated with all possible antiseptics. Such a stimulant is practically eternal. To save on toys for adults, you need to buy exactly those models that will definitely be used. After all, it is not profitable if a stimulant is purchased and then lies as unnecessary. Therefore, purchases should be made deliberately and with pleasure. 

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