How to start talking with your child about sex?

Do not take the joke seriously:
– Son, I want to talk with you about sex. “Yes, Dad, what exactly are you interested in?” 

In fact, adolescents “know all about this” very little and, most likely, from the words of “experienced” classmates, friends, and friends – this is where the myths and fears come from: “I am 14 years old, my boyfriend is 15, we decided to have sex. I was very hurt, and I did not experience an orgasm. Tell me, is this frigidity? And how to treat her? ” “I am 17 years old. When we have sex with my girlfriend, then usually the fourth or fifth time I can no longer finish. Am I impotent? ” 

Do not neglect the sexual education of your children. If they already want to have sex , they will do it, contrary to your unwillingness. And the quality of their sex life depends on you. Experience comes over the years, but the basic fundamentals need to be explained to you. 

Of course, when you try, blushing and embarrassed, to start a frank conversation – your son or daughter will react, most likely, negatively. They are no less embarrassed than you and will probably ignore your attempts to explain to them the “nature of things.”  

In our progressive age of information literature, which would be accessible and understandable answered questions of interest to the child, a huge amount. It is not necessary to take a teenager to the bookstore with you – this will put you in an awkward position in front of strangers. Choose a book yourself, and just put it on your desk at home. Be sure the child will definitely read it. Mom can talk with her daughter about menstruation, about intimate hygiene, women’s diseases, childbirth. Girls are usually more patient – and they will probably listen to you.   

The main thing is to take the first step, unobtrusive. A teenager will appreciate your tact. Try to be on an equal footing with him in matters of sex education, only then will he ask you the next question, and not an outsider. And you better than anyone can better explain, “what is” good “and what is” bad “. 

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