How to stop it masturbate often?

Sometimes Masturbation turns out into a dependency, and that’s a problem live a full life life. What do if did it happen? When you need it solve the problem, what amount self-satisfaction — is that a lot?” And how is it reflected frequent Masturbation for your health?

Dependency from Masturbation “fiction or not?” really?

Masturbation — this is the way release the tension . It allows you to switch over from a problem to body sensations, and then relax. This is a mechanism, which one is fast allows you to “throw off the shackles” stress. Such actions even they can help in case of panic attacks attacks, since distract you attention.

If man lives in constant use under stress, it always looking for it ways to use it completion. And someone starts fix the problem, feeling full also for a while “turns it off” thoughts about the problem. Others get carried away alcohol or drugs. But there are people, click throughs to the active one Masturbation.

Dependency it may occur, but it does it’s not often. Overeating and drinks — scarier ones options, but their, indeed, a lot. And here lovers daily Masturbation sessions several at a time once — units. But if this one the habit has become apparent, with it you can work.

When an addiction occurs to Masturbation need treatment?

Apply to a specialist you only need to go to in situations where habit gets in the way fully qualified exist in the world . For example, if completely it disappears desire for sex with my wife, and she it requires it. If it doesn’t work out get settled on the work, since you can’t go there get some privacy and relax.

No single digit, when necessary help. For example, if you masturbate 5 times a day, then this is a problem. No, everyone has it individually, depends on sexual ones needs, features the organism.

Important understand that the process itself safe and secure not harmful. Although some religion is and they deny it, but doctors long ago they proved that getting it pleasure alone does not pose a threat health. And this magnificent how to raise it mood, improve it feeling better.

Danger only appears when addiction interferes with normal operation life. I.e. reproaches wives about Masturbation sessions a couple of times a week — that’s not a reason be treated if such actions don’t replace it sex in pairs completely. Don’t need to lead to the teen’s doctor, if he practices self-satisfaction, I haven’t met her yet partner. And even if a person in a couple, it’s all it still can have fun by myself, it’s natural, nice and convenient.

If available dependency, what should I do?

The problem is always there it is not in the Masturbation, and in the reasons so often usage such actions. Most often for the process is worth it stressful a situation that lasts for years and it can’t resolve it. And work this is what you need with her. If the actions are — it’s just an attempt “run away” from problems, then you don’t have to ban it run and find out, what makes you do it move.

The solution problems are being addressed psychotherapists. These are not psychologists, which only they talk to the client, and the doctor, which can write it out drugs. Better contact to a sexologist, so how is he specializes in on questions intimacy. If there is no such thing nearby, look for a psychiatrist.

Don’t you need to be scared, it’s not a disease, which requires hospital admissions. Frequent Masturbation — it’s not a sign madness. It’s just a sign the fact that a person can’t handle it with an emotional one by pressure. It is solved using medicines.

Consultation the psychologist too sometimes useful. It reveals, what is it causes stress. His advice they help harmonize all areas of life, find out more yourself and others people.

When a habit to masturbate there is no need to treat it

Masturbation — it‘s natural the process that useful for health. And this they almost do all people on the the planet. This don’t be ashamed, don’t nasty, not forbidden. About this is not accepted talk, but very many people people practice this type of receipt pleasure. And treat it not necessary if such actions do not interfere with normal operation life.

When don’t go there to a specialist?

  • If you are several once a week independently you reach an orgasm.
  • If the spouse or your spouse against such actions. Im you need to explain, that this is normal.
  • If you are judged relatives or friends. People’s opinions it shouldn’t affect your business on your self-esteem. If there are several a person is recommended treat yourself, talk with a psychologist, it will help understand, and there is are they real deviations.
  • If you get feelings that are you don’t reach it in pairs. Experiences in pairs and alone they may be very different, and normal want to experience both.

Dependency from Masturbation meets very rarely. But if she if there is, then it is itself it won’t work with me, specialist assistance it will be required. And the faster it will happen consultation with a specialist, the higher the chance get rid of it faster from the problem.

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