How to wear an butt plug?

Many models of anal plugs are created to be worn. You can feel full and heavy with them even in public places. But how to choose the right model, and how to make the process safe? Simple recommendations – how to wear the butt plug.

Which sleeve can be used to wear

Not all anal stimulants are suitable for placement in the body for a long time. Suitable for use in everyday life, there are two signs:

  • Convenient stop that fits comfortably between the buttocks. He looks like a narrow strip that does not interfere with movements, but is also not visible from under the clothes.
  • Decent device flexibility. Hard options when placed for several hours will begin to rub. The cork should adjust to the shape of the body, pressing on the walls of the intestine is not too intense. 

There are still recommendations from experts on the size of the cork. It is important to take any diameter, this is an amateur, but not too much weight. It should not exceed 100 g so that wearing is safe for sphincters.

How much cork can I wear?

Placing in the body is possible for several hours. With cork, people go to work, dates and shopping. But wearing time depends on the material.

  • Silicone Can be worn the longest – up to 12 hours in a row. 
  • Metal. Ideally – 2-3 hours, but you can experiment up to 5 hours. 
  • PVC, TPR – every 2-3 hours you need to remove from the body, make a groove. 
  • Glass. Wear time is not limited. 

It is always important to focus on your own feelings, and take out the sleeve if it becomes uncomfortable. A sense of pressure, burning is a bad sign and a signal that it is time to stop this experiment.

How to insert a stopper for wearing?

Use the sleeve as you need other anal sex toys. With a lot of lubricant, it is immersed inside. It is better to stretch the anus a little in advance, so that the introduction is painless. No need to rush so that there are no cracks and tears.

After administration, the lubricant residues can be removed with a tissue. This will prevent stains for clothing.

What lubricant to use when wearing an anal plug?

If the grease dries when worn, discomfort occurs. With each movement, the surface of the sex toy rubs against the skin, and this is not always pleasant. Therefore, you need to buy a grease that does not dry for a long time. A great option is a silicone-based lubricant. It does not absorb, retains its properties for a long time.

But if the butt plug is made of silicone, but the silicone lubricant is not suitable, it can ruin the surface of the sex toy. In this case, the aqueous composition is selected, but very thick. And sometimes you have to add it to make it convenient.

Contraindications to wearing an butt plug

Both men and women can use butt plug in everyday life. Such products are safe if you properly care for the surface, disinfect it after use. But there are a number of situations when it is not worth using a cork:

  • In the presence of hemorrhoids. The disease at any stage is a contraindication. As a result of anal experiments, the symptoms only worsen. 
  • With anal fissures. If there is discomfort after the last anal stimulation, you should pause. Tender skin should recover completely, and only then can anal toys be used. 
  • With bowel disease. If you have a diagnosis, you need to consult with your doctor about sexual experiments. 
  • In case of urinary tract infections. Before a complete cure, it is better to abandon any kind of erotic effects. 

And if pain occurs during wearing, this is also a signal that it is time to stop. Wearing should give pleasure, and discomfort is a sign that something is going wrong. If the wrong plug is selected, if there is little lubrication, if the wearing time is too long, pain may occur. And then you just need to remove the device from the anus.

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