How women can control their orgasm

Many ladies, just like men, are able to control their orgasm, speed it up, enhance or postpone it. These skills come over the years, the faster a woman masters them, the more pleasure she will get from intimacy with a partner. How is the control of orgasm in women?

Orgasm acceleration

To speed up the orgasm is appropriate in cases where the girl is very aroused or for a long time, for some reason, did not receive sexual release.

  • When masturbating. A woman can get a quick orgasm without a partner through masturbation. In most cases, girls stimulate the clitoris with their fingers in order to cum faster, but this is not the only opportunity to get a quick orgasm. 
  • Using sex toys. Intimate goods stores offer a huge selection of vacuum clitoral stimulators that help a lady experience an orgasm in just half a minute, and vibrators with several speed modes contribute to a complex clitoral- vaginal orgasm. 
  • Experimenting with a partner. But even with a man, the use of sex toys is not prohibited. If the partner does not mind, then you can use a vibrator or massager during foreplay, then a man can stimulate several erogenous zones at the same time. In the presence of strong arousal, the lady will experience an orgasm in a matter of minutes. 
  • Fantasizing and relaxing. In this case, the moral attitude of the woman is important, in order to increase the excitement, you can fantasize a little, imagine a scene from an adult movie or drink a drop of alcohol that will help you relax. 
  • Tightening the muscles. If your vaginal muscles are well trained, you can speed up your orgasm by contracting and contracting them. If you artificially try to relax the vagina when it contracts with arousal, and do it several times, orgasm will come very quickly. 

Orgasm delay

Ladies postpone orgasm in order to prolong the strong sexual sensations that appear immediately before discharge. By moving the orgasm away, the girl is able to stay in a state of strong arousal for a long time, experiencing sensations similar to euphoria. There are several ways to delay orgasm:

distract from sexual thoughts to some outsiders in order to slightly reduce arousal;

switch from intense stimulation of the clitoris to more calm stroking;

ask your partner to stop, leaving the penis in the vagina, or to make frictions less intense.

According to sexologists, if a lady is able to experience an orgasm, then there will be no problems with her control, the main thing is to create the right atmosphere, listen to your feelings and do not hesitate to ask your partner to speed up or slow down.

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