Ice Games

Games with temperature can diversify the life of any couple. And ice helps a lot with that. There are dozens of interesting ice sex games worth a try. The ice will fit ordinary, made in the freezer. But to conduct such experiments is in a warm room.

Who should play with ice

Cold experiments will appeal to “hot people.” These weasel options are ideal for those who are hot, who rarely suffer from the cold.

People who have always cold hands and feet, who are constantly freezing, may not like such experiments.

There are some interesting ice techniques, which one is worth a try?

Ice kiss

A piece of ice is taken on the lips, and with a kiss passed to each other. Such caresses can last quite a while, burning the desire of the participants.

Ideal ice for such an experiment can be made from juice. Then there will be a sweet aftertaste, it is interesting and pleasant. You can make cubes from wine, but only taste remains, there will be no more alcohol in this delicacy.

You can add chocolate chips, candies, or other delicious additives to the ice. Someone such inclusions will be to their taste, they can be crunched.

Ice massage

The ice cube is taken in hands and it can be carried out accurately along the body. You need to touch only the corner of the cube, and not the entire surface. There should be a slight feeling of cold, and not a severe freeze, so you can not stop at one site for a long time.

Massage is a conditional name. The touch is very light, gliding only on the skin. You can start from the neck, earlobes, back, and then move to the genitals. There is another way – from the toes to the head, and only then to the genitals.

What ice is needed? The larger the piece, the more convenient it is to hold it in your hands. It will take a few cubes, as they melt very quickly.

Blowjob with chill

During oral caresses a girl takes a piece of ice into her mouth for 30-60 seconds. Then he takes it out and gently kisses the man’s penis. At first he feels cold, but after a few seconds he is replaced by the heat of his mouth.

To give a blowjob when ice in the mouth is possible, but it is not always pleasant. If it directly touches the male body, it can be a very intense experience, and it can cause a weakening of the erection. With such experiments you need to be careful.

Ice cubes can be any. But it is better not to use juice or other flavors so that they do not enter the urethra.

Extreme cold

Touching a man’s scrotum with ice is very original, someone will delight someone, but someone will not like it. But it’s worth a try to understand your attitude.

Ice must be applied to the perineum: between the anus and the scrotum. It is important to roll a piece without leaving it in one place for a long time. Combining such affection is better with a blowjob. Simultaneous cold, but with suction is an unusual combination. At the same time, you should not expect a quick ending, it delays the man’s orgasm, but gives unforgettable emotions.

The ice cube can be moved to the scrotum, move the testicles and along the trunk of the penis. And then again return to the crotch.

What ice is needed? Any. But it is still worth considering the moment that there will be a lot of water, it will drain over the body. Sometimes it is appropriate to lay a disposable diaper.

Ice gives a very intense experience. Similar emotions can be experienced with a cooling lubricant. When applied to the skin, it causes a slight chill. It is especially interesting to blow after application to the skin, it is likely to cause goosebumps.

The use of cooling lubricants is appropriate during any sex. They will increase excitement, give new sensations from already familiar actions. Vaginal or anal sex will become more diverse.

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