In which countries can not take sex toys?

There are countries where sex toys are prohibited. You can go to jail for their purchase or storage. And even if a tourist tries to smuggle an intimate little thing for his own pleasure, this can be considered a violation of the law. Where is it not worth taking sex objects?

The list of countries where sex products are banned is not too large. It includes countries where religiosity is of great importance. For example, the UAE is a place where sex toys are prohibited. Religion condemns such things, and locals and visitors are punished for purchases 

List of countries where toys should not be taken

  • Thailand.
  • India.
  • Malaysia.
  • Vietnam.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • Maldives.

If sex toys are found during baggage inspection, there are several options for developing the situation. They may just ask to leave it in the country of departure. This is a minimal problem. And they can completely restrict entry into the country due to misconduct. If sex devices are found not on the border, but already on the territory of the country, this may be a good reason for arrest. Therefore, leaving the vibrator in a visible place is definitely not recommended.    

How to ship sex products to other countries?

Issues in passing control do not cause sex toys without vibration. Butt plugs, dildos, erection rings can be carried both in luggage and in hand luggage. It is unlikely that they will arouse the interest of the guard and will be inspected.

Metal devices most often raise questions. Therefore, you should refuse to transport metal phalluses, handcuffs or other devices. They cause the reaction of scanners, in most cases, objects have to be demonstrated before boarding a vehicle. Vibrating devices are also rarely inspected. But this happens if they are in doubt. For example, do not fold the vibrator and the charge from it in one corner of the suitcase. Visually, it is not clear what kind of object this is with wires, so an inspection may be required. No need to hide sex toys too much. An object that is expertly disguised can cause more questions than a toy that is not wrapped in anything and just lies between things. 


Inconvenient moments

A vibrating sex toy should be blocked for transportation. If this is not done, it may turn on. Constant buzzing is inconvenient when the suitcase is with the passenger, and also attracts attention in the luggage compartment. Some airlines restrict the transport of batteries. If the sex device is powered by such batteries, they must be removed and transported separately. And sometimes it’s better to buy them on the spot so that there are no conflicting moments with the carrier. In hand luggage, do not take items longer than 17.5 cm. It is better to put a large vibrator in a suitcase. Some companies make sure that there is not something long in the handbag. And this is worth considering. It is most convenient to carry sex toys in special storage bags. Even if you have to open the suitcase during inspection, everyone around you will not know about the toy. Security will look into the storage case without reaching the item. This will help to avoid embarrassment among strangers. You can carry sex toys on vacation, but not in all countries. And it is important to pack them correctly so as not to attract attention during the inspection.  

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