Is it possible to get pregnant with prostatitis in my husband

Almost every young family thinks about the birth of a child. The appearance of babies in a family can destroy “global” problems in it and move on to the next stage of life. The happiness of raising and raising children, unfortunately, is not given to everyone. Approximately in 79% of cases, men were ill or are ill with inflammation of the prostate: prostatitis and pregnancy, is there a danger?

Often, women are looking for the cause of infertility in the failure of their own body. However, you should also think about the diseases of your partner. In this article, we will get acquainted with the following information: the influence and danger of inflammation of the gland on the development of the fetus.

Changes in the body and infertility

Prostatitis is the “enemy” of a strong part of society. It is characterized by an inflammatory process occurring in the prostate gland.

Now let’s get acquainted with the forms of the disease in men:

  • acute and bacterial;
  • non-infectious (calculous, age-related).

From the very name “infectious” prostatitis, we can conclude that a man’s disease is caused by a particular infection (pathogenic bacteria).

Pathogenic microflora penetrates through the genital tract into the prostate gland and forms lesions of the mucosa.

In the future, a chain is formed leading to the infertility of the husband:

  1. Through the vas deferens, bacteria enter the testicles.
  2. Exotoxins lead to destruction of the duct.
  3. There is a spasm of the duct, which becomes an obstacle in the way of spermatozoa. Their number is sharply reduced.

In the absence of symptomatic therapy, inflammation becomes permanent.

Treatment of prostatitis and infertility

The effect of prostatitis on conception is one of the main problems of not having children. A man is not capable of fertilization, due to the use of symptomatic drugs:

  1. Aspermia (deficiency of male germ cells) is a consequence of taking adreno – blockers.
  2. Antibacterial agents inhibit the formation of germ cells, their ability to move, cause various modifications.
  3. Hormonal drugs affect the properties of sperm.

Thus, the treatment of the disease can also cause childlessness.

Is it possible to get pregnant with inflammation of the prostate in my husband

Do not despair, because with prostatitis, you can also have children! However, on the way to conceiving a baby, you can face many problems. If your husband is diagnosed with inflammation, it is recommended to undergo treatment before planning pregnancy and achieve comforting results of the study.

Impact on pregnancy and possible complications.

If the fertilization went well with the prostatitis of the partner and the embryo strengthened on the uterine wall, you should not relax, as there is a potential risk of infection of the fetus and the reproductive organs of the expectant mother.

Pregnancy with prostatitis is complicated. Among them are: severe toxicosis and vaginal inflammation. The risk of miscarriage increases several times. It is unlikely that the child will be born healthy.

About the effect of prostatitis on conception

With a viral etiology of the disease, sexual intercourse itself becomes unsafe. To the question: does prostatitis affect conception, not only a doctor can answer. The likelihood of pregnancy itself is very low due to poor sperm motility, quantity and quality of sperm.

What is the danger of the disease for the fetus

In this case, you need to have the concept of “frozen pregnancy”. This is a condition in which the fetus dies and miscarriage occurs.

In the first weeks of pregnancy, the fetus is vulnerable to various teratogenic factors. During sexual intimacy, prostatitis pathogens penetrate the vagina, and then affect the entire female intimate system and affect the unprotected fetus, which may freeze and not develop. This is a frozen pregnancy.

It is easy to guess that chronic prostatitis and pregnancy are not compatible.

Prostatitis is the cause of ectopic conception.

An important point in the development of an ectopic pregnancy is the inflammatory process. As noted earlier, sexual contact with a sick man is dangerous for the female reproductive system. Pathogenic microflora causes lesions in the genital area, the fertilized egg is attached not in the uterine cavity, but in the fallopian tube. The result is an ectopic pregnancy.

How to plan for conception with a prostate

The first step for the birth of a healthy child is an examination. Your spouse is recommended to have a spermogram . It allows you to determine the number of spermatozoa, their mobility, the presence of pathogenic microflora and blood cells in the semen. It is also necessary:

  • examination by a urologist;
  • Ultrasound of the genital organs.

It is also necessary to examine the expectant mother:

  • ultrasound;
  • hysterosalpingography;
  • laboratory diagnostics, including a blood test for hormone levels.

The second stage is the postcoital test. Identifies the percentage of compatibility of spouses by Rh factors and blood groups.

If positive symptoms are identified that indicate the presence of prostatitis, immediately begin to treat it.
Therapy of the disease.

Antibacterial therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed medically. If necessary, painkillers.

It will not be superfluous to carry out massages, physiotherapy procedures. These manipulations will contribute to a speedy recovery.

When treatment is ineffective, surgical methods are resorted to.

Traditional medicine and its complications

In the absence of quality therapy, the following complications may occur:

  • chronic form;
  • bladder obstruction;
  • infertility;
  • recurrent cystitis;
  • narrowing of the urethra;
  • pyelonephritis;
  • prostate abscess.

Treatment at home is based on the use of: honey, garlic, pumpkin seeds, parsley, chestnut infusion, tar, herbal preparations, mummy, cans, vegetable juices. This also includes prostate massage.

If the massage is performed by a specialist, then a positive result will not be long in coming.

There are contraindications to massage:

  • BPH;
  • haemorrhoids;
  • urethritis;
  • tuberculosis of the prostate.

Folk remedies for prostatitis and adenoma relieve inflammation and eliminate the infection.

Gynecologists and urologists about the problem

Often the ineffectiveness of treatment lies in the lack of discipline in the patients themselves. Not realizing that it is necessary to treat the disease persistently and for a long time, they run from doctor to doctor, change clinics, experiment on themselves with non-traditional methods of treatment, thereby crippling their body. When starting treatment, do not forget about a few important things:

  • every organism is unique. What works for people you know won’t necessarily work for you;
  • the expected effect can only be obtained with complex treatment;
  • physiotherapeutic methods of treatment have shown their effectiveness in practice, do not neglect it. However, during an exacerbation of the disease, when the patient suffers from pain and hyperthermia, such treatment can be harmful.

Subject to a responsible attitude to treatment and compliance with the recommendations of the doctor, the disease will certainly recede!


Having received a general picture of the disease, we conclude that prostatitis and conception are interconnected. Timely access to a doctor, effective therapy and pregnancy planning contribute to the birth of a healthy child. Start timely treatment – everything is in your hands. After recovery, a healthy baby will surely come.

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