Is masturbation dangerous with prostatitis

Damage to the prostate gland is a serious pathology, accompanied by a violation of both the organ itself and the appearance of nervous disorders. As a result of inflammation, a strong half of society has obstacles on the love front.

When signs of the disease appear, the patient begins to worry, becomes notorious. Here is a way out of the situation – masturbation with prostatitis. Contact with a woman is replaced by masturbation, but no one asks questions about the benefits or contraindications of this activity.


Prostatitis is the “enemy” of the male half of society. It is characterized by the development of inflammation occurring in the prostate gland. The driving force in the development of inflammation can be not only promiscuity, but even bad habits and emotional stress.

Now let’s get acquainted with its forms in men.

  • acute and chronic infectious;
  • non-infectious (calculous, age-related).

From the very name “infectious” prostatitis, we can conclude that the disease is caused by a particular infection (pathogenic bacteria):

  • through the vas deferens, bacteria enter the testicles;
  • exotoxins lead to destruction of the duct;
  • there is a spasm of the duct, which becomes an obstacle in the way of spermatozoa. Their number is sharply reduced.

Pathogenic microflora penetrates through the genital tract into the prostate gland and forms lesions of the mucosa. And if the process is missed, then acute prostatitis will develop into a chronic form.

Opinions “for” with inflammation of the gland

After diagnosing inflammation, it is urgent to start complex treatment. At the same time, doctors recommend regular sexual contact, which has a beneficial effect on the diseased gland. However, this is not always possible.

Frequent and prolonged abstinence exacerbates the course of the disease. Then one thing remains – the “hand-made” release of the prostate organ and seminal vesicles from their contents, followed by physiological relaxation.

Most specialists take the side of masturbation. Masturbation with prostatitis is possible in some cases.

  1. In the absence of a permanent sexual partner.
  2. The process of self-satisfaction should be carried out no more than 2 times in 5 days.
  3. In addition to onanism, a man must live a real sex life.

Negative look

Consider the other side of onanism. Medical experts do not recommend that a man engage in “masturbation” if he has a permanent sexual partner. In this situation, masturbation will only bring harm, because. the male body needs to be regularly rebuilt from self-satisfaction to normal sex.

During the period of low functioning of the reproductive system, it becomes very difficult, which in turn adversely affects not only the prostate, but also the patient’s psyche. Then it should be said that onanism and prostatitis should not exist together.

Masturbation should not be carried out more than three times in 7 days, otherwise the man provokes prostate exhaustion. As a result, the pathological process passes into a relapsing course, and the patient’s condition worsens significantly.

When discussing whether masturbation helps with prostatitis, one must take into account the psychological impact of this process on the brain. When a patient engages in masturbation, complete satisfaction, which is possible only in contact with a girl, does not occur.

This can be explained by the fact that sexual intercourse is accompanied by mutual sympathy of partners, due to which the brain is “enriched” by emotions, satisfaction, adrenaline is released into the blood.

Masturbation is not accompanied by these factors, there is only physical satisfaction and incomplete emptying of seminal vesicles from sperm. During sexual intercourse, sympathy comes from both partners, due to which brain activity improves, adrenaline is synthesized.

Self-satisfaction as prevention

For many, it may seem strange that masturbation as a prevention has a scientific basis. As you know, abstinence from sex adversely affects the human sexual sphere, as a result of which the prostate synthesizes a low number of hormones. Then stagnation occurs in the gland, provoking an inflammatory process.

It is recommended to engage in masturbation in order to prevent the development of congestion and maintain the prostate gland in good shape.

Important! Prevention of prostatitis in this way is relevant only in the absence of real sexual contact for a long time.

Onanism as a cause of inflammation

The main symptom of prostatitis is reduced or lost erection and lack of sexual desire.

Important! A man can become an onanist for several reasons: either these are religious factors, or the emerging fear of dating or relationships. Often the reasons lie in the psyche.

If a man begins to masturbate regularly, then this is precisely what will serve as the development of the disease. Sexual intercourse is accompanied by both physical and emotional pleasure, which is accompanied by a powerful surge of adrenaline into the bloodstream . With self-satisfaction, this does not occur.

However, most men do not even think about the importance of mental satisfaction. If it is absent, the glands are not completely emptied, which means that they stagnate, which becomes the foundation for the inflammatory process. Then already speak, that there was a prostatitis from an onanism.

Is it bad to masturbate when you’re sick?

Sometimes a man may have a question: “is it possible to masturbate with prostatitis?”. There are many answers and they are all different. However, if you listen to the opinion of doctors, then we conclude: in case of illness, they should not be dealt with.

Everyone knows that the less impact on the diseased organ, the faster the recovery process.

To masturbate means to constantly disturb the inflamed gland. Constant irritation aggravates the course of the disease. In this case, a new question arises regarding the stagnant processes of sperm during abstinence. The fact is that the seminal fluid, after excessive filling of the seminal vesicles, will eject itself during a wet dream.

However, there are supporters who believe that this process can help treat the disease.

chronic form of inflammation

When a man has inflammation of the prostate, sexual abstinence can lead to the formation of its chronic form.

In severe cases, an oncological formation develops, as a result of a prolonged accumulation of secretory fluid that forms blood clots in the vessels. Touching on the topic of “masturbation and chronic prostatitis”, doctors note that treatment with such an activity is possible, but it should not be abused.

Benefit or harm

Many urologists believe that masturbation is incompatible with the disease. The pathological gland should be less exposed to any influences. Their point of view is that the prostate gland during the period of the disease needs rest, which is impossible when engaging in masturbation.

Doctors of the old generation generally categorically forbid treating an organ with a “self-handed” method. Among the doctors of this circle there is an opinion that after this kind of exercise, the body becomes weak and flabby, and complications such as:

  • impotence;
  • infertility;
  • adenoma.

Doctors, keeping up with the times, take the side of the fact that masturbation can be useful for a diseased prostate, they believe that it acts as a prevention of a male disease.

Doctors’ opinions

It is fair to assume that if the organ is not subjected to stress, then in the future it will atrophy, and its function will be lost. Andrologists and sexologists are supporters of the claim that sexual abstinence (including masturbation) during prostatitis is harmful.

Treatment of male masturbation disease is considered relevant among some experts.

The prostate periodically produces a secret, which, in the absence of sexual contact, stagnates. This, in turn, adversely affects not only the gland, but also all organs located in the small pelvis. These facts lead to the logical conclusion that masturbation is useful.

Thus, the following conclusions can be drawn.

  1. Masturbation can help the mild course of male pathology.
  2. Sexual contact is not contraindicated, but on the contrary, we recommend it.
  3. Sex should only be with a single partner.
  4. But it should be remembered that it is often impossible to resort to this method of ejaculation.

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