Is sex possible in space?

The journey of earthlings to the stars to establish direct contact with the alien mind today remains a big question. We do not yet have such an engine that accelerates a spacecraft to almost light speed. So, it remains to fly even to the nearest stars with a change of generations. And this initially rests on the possibility of sex in zero gravity. 

That is, is it real to make men and women love on an interstellar ship with the subsequent birth of a child? Actually, being in space does not seem to affect reproductive properties . Let us turn to examples in this regard.  

The first cosmic spouses on Earth were Andriyan Nikolaev and Valentina Tereshkova. After the flight, they were under constant medical supervision for a long time. In 1964, they had a daughter, Lena. Her only “deviation” from the norm was a slight squint. The girl grew up, got married and gave birth to a completely healthy boy.

In 1988, the cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya, who was twice in orbit, had a son, Kostya. Svetlana was 40 years old at the time of the birth of her baby. Elena Kondakova, the third Russian woman-astronaut, also flew into space twice. She then at the age of 40 gave birth to a daughter, Zhenya. Papa (cosmonaut Valery Ryumin) was 60 years old at the time of his daughter’s birth.

But here, as the readers will rightly note, children were conceived not in space, but already having returned from orbit. However, the fact that the children were born healthy is important in itself. Therefore, zero gravity does not affect the earthly abilities for childbearing. But how does she manifest herself if you have sex in orbit?

The question is very interesting. But there is no reliable information on it. There are only rumors and dubious publications in the yellow publications. Let’s try to at least partially understand the situation. 

So what is zero gravity? In general, a state where the body weighs nothing and can freely move in any direction from the slightest push. What happens during sex in zero gravity?

I will not explain in detail. I will say more simply: a man and a woman make certain movements. So, in zero gravity, sex partners will fly away from each other because of these movements. In principle, you can hold each other with your hands. But this will not help much – from mutual shocks of a man and a woman who are connected, he will “wind” around the room. But the worst thing is that the droplets of sweat (and sex – “work” is quite difficult, although pleasant) will begin to break from the bodies and fly. With a stream of air, they can enter the lungs and cause choking.  

Another serious danger is related to the heart. During sex, partners have a faster pulse, blood pressure rises. At the time of orgasm, the heart can stop from overloading, since weightlessness is insidious. It is possible that a sharp and significant muscle tension during orgasm can result in rupture of blood vessels.

The media was leaking information that the Americans allegedly organized sex on the ISS. It is not necessary to believe in it. Why? The Americans had a great opportunity to get results without additional difficulties. In 1992, astronauts Jenn Davis and Mark Lee became husband and wife just before launching into space. But they did not succeed in their honeymoon. NASA painted a working schedule in orbit for the newlyweds with a 12-hour time gap so that the couple could not sleep at the same time. In other words, NASA specifically did not allow sex between them. It should , after this, believe the tabloids reported about the pleasures of love in orbit?  

In principle, sex on a ship is possible in a special airtight box, always with oxygen masks and in a special “machine” for fixing bodies with safety belts. Drawings on this subject have even appeared in the American media. But here it’s just fun, nothing more. Doctors clearly say that the level of radiation in the ship in orbit significantly exceeds the permissible. And radiation kills the egg and destroys sperm. The experiments conducted with rats on the ISS turned out to be sad: they did not give offspring.

So, even for purely mechanical reasons, sex in outer space is impossible (the risk of death from overloading the body is too high). But maybe the change of generations looks more real with the artificial insemination of women? Alas, there is also a dead end. Russian cosmonauts (for ethical reasons, I do not name my name, although they are known), at the request of doctors, masturbated using condoms, froze semen and sent it to Earth for research. It turned out that all sperm cells lost mobility due to increased radiation on the ISS. Several women, with their consent, were injected with “cosmic” sperm into the uterus artificially. None of the women conceived.

It turns out that the issue of generational change in interstellar flights can be closed once and for all. Humanity must look for other ways to achieve other worlds.

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