Not a classic one: 33 kinds of sex you must try

Why, why, why ?! Why is such ignorance still reigning in the intimate sphere ?! It would seem that the USSR collapsed almost 25 years ago, it would be high time to get out of the shadow of the communist flag and admit the existence of sex, but no, that was not the case. Many couples continue to drive themselves into the bed frame and turn a blind eye to the existence of most interesting types of sexual intercourse. Today we, albeit in a survey form, will try to fill in the gaps in our education.

1. Aquasex

Scientists have proven that water is an excellent carrier and conductor of information; it cleanses not only the body, but also the soul. Blue streams wash away negative energy and tune in a positive mood. So why not take advantage of these exceptional properties. Sex in water is an affordable and enjoyable activity, it is not as exhausting as its land-based counterpart and allows you to get amazing relaxation with small forces.

2. Acrobatic sex

Are you nervous about the missionary position? It so fortunately that you attended stretching for six months and became the owner of a mind-blowing stretch? – Then God himself ordered to try acrobatic sex. The more bizarre the partners put their bodies together, the more interesting and productive the love affair will be. The Kamasutra is replete with suitable variations of positions, so hold the book in your hands and go for it!

3. Axillary sex

China is the recognized homeland of armpit sexual intercourse. For the first time, records of this kind of satisfaction are dated back to the 4th century AD. In this way, prostitutes appeased visiting sailors, so they simultaneously surprised clients, avoided sexually transmitted diseases and earned good money. Indeed, the pluses are obvious.

4. Auricular sex

Attention! I’ll send it right now . Although, let’s face it, we are here for this. Have you heard the phrase “hammering in your ears”, and so sexual intercourse through manipulations with the auricle is officially called auricular sex. The range of possible actions is difficult to imagine. The list of mandatory items should start with friction in the hollow (where the cartilage is attached to the head), continue with a measured tapping and end with frantic blows. Check the boxes, ladies and gentlemen.

5. Fast sex

Imagine the situation for a moment. There are only five minutes left before going out, you have already managed to put on makeup and dress up, and your man shifts from foot to foot at the doorstep in full combat readiness for about half an hour. A taxi is about to arrive, so why not add a little shade of sloppiness to the finished look. Hot sex in a hurry will bring a fresh stream to your relationship. After all, you can fix your makeup in the car, and no one will pay attention to a couple of wrinkled folds on the suit.

6. Vertebral sex

One of the most time-consuming types of intercourse without direct insertion of a member into the vagina. The head of the reproductive organ of the partner is driven along the sharp mounds of the partner’s vertebrae until orgasm and / or complete exhaustion are achieved. I remembered a children’s nursery rhyme – “over bumps, over bumps, over small stumps and into a hole,” but the lovers never made it to the hole.

7. Visual sex

There is no need to be immediately scared, this type of search for a high is in no way connected with the introduction of a member into the human eye socket, although I would not be surprised to learn that such a perversion exists. It’s about self-satisfaction in front of your partner. In countless opinion polls, guys admit to a secret desire to watch their beloved during masturbation. What should you show your boyfriend how you will masturbate . It is likely that he will learn a lot from your joint experiment, for example, finding out the optimal sequence for playing with the clitoris.

8. Virtual sex

There is not a single person who has never heard of virtual sex. Correspondence in Vkontakte , Odnoklassniki , Viber , and anywhere. The exchange of obscene messages will get anyone off the hook. Let the conservatives complain that technology is replacing real communication, and in the meantime I throw off my erotic photo of my boyfriend, this will be an incentive to hurry up from work.

9. Glutinous sex

Guys love mouth-watering rounded shapes. It would be a shame if our efforts in the gym were in vain and pumped up French buns were left without attention. In gluteal sex, the penis is placed between the buttocks and reciprocated along the entire length of the natural incision. Please note that there is no introduction, so please do not confuse this view with anal intercourse.

10. Angry sex

Have you ever been in a situation where you were so angry with your boyfriend that you dreamed of smashing his empty firebrand on a stone pavement? This happened to me from time to time, for example, he joked unsuccessfully in the company of my colleagues, and then they teased me for another week, or here’s another – showed up to meet my parents with three-day stubble, although I tearfully begged for a shave. In such cases, channel the aggression in a peaceful direction and have unbridled sex. Saddle a guy like an Arabian horse and rush into the distance without being tired. Taking out anger in bed is much more effective than invoking a headache and giving up intimacy altogether.

11. Intrabial sex

The member is placed between the partner’s calves, after which the lovers are synchronized and move either towards or away from each other. Soft touches and extraordinary sensations are guaranteed.

12. Interpedal sex

Even among famous people there are representatives of foot fetishists . For example, Quentin Tarantino never hid that his favorite part of Uma Thurman’s body was his feet. This is how a flat, tall girl with 42 foot sizes became the muse of the famous director. Before practicing interpedal sex, I strongly recommend getting rid of calluses and horny skin, as well as carrying out the entire range of hygiene procedures. Otherwise, stimulating the penis with the feet will not bring bliss, but rather completely kill the desire for further experiments.

13. Intrafemoral sex

Vaginal intercourse will not give such rigidity and passion as intrafemoral sex. The penis dives between the closed girlish thighs at the speed of light, the tighter the partner squeezes the penis, the sharper the sensations. The starting point can be varied as you see fit. Option A – sit in the back, option B – lean in front. It is definitely worth trying this and that, because the position of the bodies directly affects the sensitivity to petting.

14. Carezza

Italians are famous for their ability to please the lady. Carezza first appeared in the homeland of olives back in 1896. Perhaps this sexual technique existed before, but the term was voiced only at the end of the 19th century. This is a very slow intercourse in which orgasm is not an end in itself. The anticipation of touch, the most tender kisses and the frantic pounding of hearts in love cause an emotional flurry. You will feel like a wildly horny teenager again. Although there will be virtually no coitus, the presence of a light intoxicating aftertaste will please both partners.

15. Culinary sex

Serving sushi on the naked body of a geisha is one of the oldest Japanese rituals. According to the rules of niotamiori , only certain places of the “live table” were suitable for each type of fish. For example, salmon caviar was placed near the heart, and swordfish meat was spread on the belly. Of course, it is not necessary to bother and study in detail the traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun, but it is quite possible to borrow and Europeanize the main idea. Have your lover cover most of your partner’s body with thinly sliced ​​fruit and then taste a gourmet meal without hands.

16. Lingual sex

At first glance, it practically does not differ from oral stimulation, but upon closer examination, the fact that the partner uses exclusively language is striking. No kissing , sucking or nibbling . Just licking and breathing arousal. As a result, instead of a banal felation or the usual cunnilingus , a sensual intercourse is obtained.

17. Breast sex

The main condition for the successful implementation of the mammological sex technique in practice is the presence of an impressive breast. Unfortunately, girls with the first and incomplete second cannot deliver even the slightest tolerable pleasure without resorting to additional stimulation with their palms. If you have a solid C or a good four, then your partner will explode with such an orgasm that you never dreamed of. A little advice – as a foreplay, tickle your beloved’s dick with your nipples, he will certainly love it.

18. Manual sex

This type of sex is known to 100% of the sexually mature audience. Handicraft comes into our life along with puberty and allows us to while away more than one boring evening. However, in pair erotic explorations, mastery of masturbation will certainly come in handy. Dexterous girlish fingers can drive a man to a frenzy, and a partner’s rough palms will disperse billions of goosebumps over a woman’s body. Mutual massage will come to the rescue when, for some reason, other variations of contacts are prohibited.

19. Nasal sex

Another non-standard way of intercourse. In nasal sex, the nose becomes the main source of pleasure. It is quite obvious that the nostrils will not withstand the onslaught of even the smallest penis, so the tip of the nose and the line along its wings come into play. The woman massages the penis and scrotum of her beloved, and the man works out the clitoris and perineum. The ideal position for mutually beneficial cooperation is familiar to everyone 69.

20. Unexpected sex

The key word in the title is “unexpected”. There is no need to prepare for sex, discuss the details and choose a suitable day and hour. Spontaneity becomes the ridge of this type of intercourse. Pounce on your partner when his thoughts are far from amorous pleasures, for example, in an elevator or in a fitting room. Quick sex without moans and screams is what you need for a violent orgasm.

21. Popliteal sex

Let’s return for a moment to ladies’ legs, they are too good for sexual experiments. Now the popliteal fossa will be used. If you wish, you can pick up dozens, if not hundreds, of comfortable positions for stimulating the penis. The girl controls the force of pressure by slightly bending and extending the leg, while the guy, meanwhile, performs frictions at the most comfortable pace.

22. Pubis sex

It turns out that rubbing the penis against the lover’s pubis can also lead to a climax. Some people advise to forget about shaving a couple of days before the scheduled action. Small bristles will tingle the skin and will speed up the moment of the shot.

23. Role sex

Have you always dreamed of shining on the stage or starring in box office blockbusters, and instead drag out the miserable existence of an office clerk? Well, it’s time for a change. With a loved one, you can become anyone. Pairings are quite common : student-teacher, stewardess-passenger, maid-owner. There are more exotic scenarios: Han Solo as Princess Leia, the mad scientist as a robotic doll, and so on. Nothing limits your imagination, get used to your chosen role and then your sex life will never be a mediocre production of a village theater.

24. Romantic sex

I do not know who is to blame for the fact that romance is leaving our lives, but I solemnly declare – I will find a scoundrel and make me cry with bloody tears. In the first year of a relationship, beloved men pamper us with sweets, flowers, serenades and cute gestures, and then such necessary manifestations of feelings gradually disappear. Sex from an erotic rite turns into a mechanical process. Remember, guys, even steel ladies are not indifferent to mimicry . So try to make sure that your significant other does not forget how much she means to you. Long kisses, quivering caresses and pleasant words whispered with a breath in her ear – this is an incomplete list of the arsenal of a magnificent lover.

25. Sex marathon

Continuing the theme of comparing first dates and long-term living side by side. At first, the couples practically do not climb out of bed, alternating frantic fuck with rare meals and absences to the toilet. Perhaps I will surprise you, but you don’t have to give up sex marathons, having received the coveted stamp in your passport. Urgently send the children to visit their grandmother for the weekend, and stock up on goodies yourself and lay clean sheets. For two days I will assign you bed rest with frequent erotic procedures.

26. Sleepy sex

Girls hate to be pushed around early in the morning in order to copulate. This is because the guys are wrong. First, train her to sleep naked, so that access to the sweetest places will always be open. Secondly, do not wake up your beloved with jerks and requests, instead, stealthily tuck a wetted finger under the blanket and insert it into the sleeping beauty’s vagina, or even better – dive under the canopy yourself and work your tongue there. Thirdly, do not demand insane passion from your partner, be satisfied with her sluggish consent.

27. Sports sex

As you know, sex can replace intense cardio training . Imagine, just 10 minutes of foreplay will burn 50 kcal, sexual intercourse – from 100 to 200 kcal, and orgasm will burn 100 kcal. Yes, with such a pace, you can generally refuse to visit the gym. Choosing labor-intensive positions, you combine business with pleasure – you get pleasure and pump up your muscles.

28. Passionate sex

Stop silently jealous of the violent manifestations of desire spied on in Hollywood romantic films. Show your spouse how much you want him. Let’s say you return home after a sad dinner in the company of his mother, only after crossing the threshold, wrap your arms around your beloved’s neck, kiss on the lips and start frantically pulling off his clothes. Throw things all over the place, release the brakes and become a sexy animal. The next morning, a back scratched in a fit of passion will remind your boyfriend of a hot night.

29. Tantric sex

This is more than banal copulation. In tantric sex, it is extremely important to achieve energetic union with a partner. Amazing sensations are a by-product of the spiritual growth of lovers. Tantra may seem boring to some, but to others it will turn out to be a revelation. This begs the comparison with the last cigarette before the decision to quit. The smoker enjoys every puff and takes his time to get to the filter.

30. Phone sex

Every year millions of dollars are deposited into the bank accounts of telephone companies specializing in the provision of intimate services. Why are men willing to spend fabulous money on communication with invisible priestesses of love? The answer is extremely simple – the secret of the popularity of services lies in the ability to realize fantasies without eye contact, and, therefore, without overcoming the embarrassment phase. Treating phone sex like fun can help you get to know your partner better and strengthen your relationship. It’s nice to chat with your beloved about anything, but it’s much more interesting to do it through cellular communication.

31. Trichophilic sex

Long, well-groomed hair symbolizes feminine beauty. You can make a cozy love nest from thick heavy braids in the truest sense of the word. It is enough for a guy to rub his cock on silky strands for a few minutes to get an incomparable satisfaction . The main thing is not to use sharp hairpins and hairpins in your hair.

32. Eco-sex

Today, naturalness and a return to mother nature are in trend. In warm weather, take a trip into the forest, pitch tents and have sex far from civilization. The soundtrack to your love will be the singing of birds and the buzzing of bees. Certainly, more beautiful contact in the middle of a green meadow on a bright sunny day can only be intimacy on a sea beach bathed in moonlight. Take precautions in advance – get insect repellent and soft bedding.

33. Extreme sex

Hot pepper in coitus adds a high probability of being caught at the “crime scene”. Sex in public places is one of the ten most disturbing types of intercourse. The back rows of cinemas, toilets in nightclubs, gateways, and so on and so forth are suitable as locations. The adrenaline rush brings the climax closer and makes the orgasm like a nuclear explosion.

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