Passive smoking: why it is dangerous

The harm of smoking is huge but   many underestimate the danger of being close to   a smoker, because passive smoking is often even more damaging to the body. Especially it increases the risk of developing various cancers, diseases   cardiovascular and   lungs. AT   than   same reason for such a powerful impact?

The mechanism of exposure to passive smoking

Researchers share the smoke stream from   burning tobacco on   two streams: main and   secondary. Primary inhales into   light smoker, secondary   free to go to   the air surrounding it. Secondary smoke is recognized as very dangerous to the health of people in the vicinity of   smoker, because when smoking only one fifth of all harmful substances gets into   smoking body, four fifths are in   the atmosphere.

In   secondary stream and   the smoke exhaled by the smoker contains:

  • Acetone
  • Ammonia
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Hydrogen cyanide
  • Nitric oxide
  • Phenol
  • The many contained in   polyester cigarettes

All this is the most dangerous   toxic compounds as well   also strong carcinogens capable of causing cancer. In addition, smoke contains various resins, with   time accumulating in   organism leading to   increased risk of respiratory diseases and   impairing tissue supply and   cell   with oxygen. Not   should forget about   nicotine   – a dangerous drug that   causes addiction to   a cigarette.

TO   word, the danger of passive smoking does not create   only cigarettes. Harmful and   hookah since smoked in   indoor areas where passive smokers are nearby, and   a cigar that produces much more sidestream smoke   account increased   compared to   regular size cigarette.

If you   are a tobacco consumer, but   not yet   wondered how to quit smoking, read about   the dangers of passive smoking for various organs, because   this addiction does not suffer   only you but   and   your loved ones

Light and   Airways

This system   organism first to experience   exposure to harmful smoke. Irritation of the airways leads to   rhinitis which may result in a transition to   chronic form and   cause development   asthma. Passive smoking is generally one of   causes of asthma   – this disease occurs in   faced with  smoke people cigarettes in   five times more often than   escaped such happiness.

Problems with   breathing can affect and   on   the occurrence of ear diseases leading to   Eustachitis, impaired hearing, regular otitis media (especially   children), gurgling in   ears. Directly light on   irritation of its mucous can react it   swelling that can result in obstructive pulmonary disease.

Reproductive system

Have   women whose husbands smoke at home are much more likely to   compared to   wives of non-smokers observed cycle violations. These violations can reduce   fertility   and   make pregnancy impossible. Ovarian depletion in   early age was considered characteristic by   mostly for smoking women now   It is also proved that passive smoking can also   this lead.

Have   males smoking changes semen rates, reducing   ability to   conception decreases in   her quantity and   sperm activity. But   in order for conception to occur, you need not   only desire, and   also   opportunity. TO   unfortunately with   by this   passive smokers are also bad, because problems with   potency they begin to experience in   average on   4.5 years not earlier   faced with   tobacco smoke peers.

Nervous system

Passive smoking affects   brain and   the nervous system is not   less strongly than mainstream smoke. It all starts with   most common irritation: often, passive smoking is forced, but   do with   this person is usually nothing   at   condition, he has to breathe poisonous smoke.

Nicotine contained in   secondary smoke actively interacts with   CNS. Its quantity in   air, especially in   indoors, may exceed those in   smoke, inhaled by smokers, therefore, those standing nearby experience a whole bunch of symptoms: a psychoactive effect, a neurotoxic effect, and   also effect increasing emissions in   blood neurotransmitters.

What are the consequences of   this impact? Good enough: a passive smoker waiting for excitement, insomnia, a change in taste, weakness,   drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, changeable mood.

The cardiovascular system

According to recent studies, passive smoking increases the risk of stroke by   43% by   compared to   control group not   faced with   tobacco smoke. Hazardous chemical components of tobacco smoke lead to   various heartbeat disorders (such as arrhythmia and   tachycardia), coronary heart disease, problems with   vessels.

Passive smokers are more likely to   hypertension   atherosclerosis,  
heart attacks   and   angina pectoris   – it becomes especially noticeable in   old age. For any problems with   heart or vessels need to   first protect your loved ones from   tobacco smoke. If you   at the same time they are addicted to   tobacco, think about   how to quit smoking quickly.


Most passive smokers celebrate   dryness   eye mucosa, tearing, irritation. AT   As a result, corneal trophism may be disrupted. Thanks   allergenic   exposure to smoke can cause   development   conjunctivitis that is often accompanied   allergic rhinitis.

Oncological risks

Smoking is most often associated with   lung cancer but   passive smokers this disease also touched   – his risk to them is increased by   30–40%. Also, passive smoking increases the risk of cancer of the kidney, throat, breast, colon, prostate, stomach.

Each person is responsible for   myself but   smoking causes many illnesses   only u   you but   and   people around you. Particularly affected by   This children who are sick much more often than their peers, and   pregnant women, because the components of tobacco smoke affect   health and  future mom and   fetus.

Think about   health of your loved ones, choose a convenient and   quick way to quit smoking:   patches,   e-cigarettes, Allen Carr’s method, willpower or phasing out   tobacco. You will breathe easier, sleep will improve, your mood will increase and   general well-being. If a   conversely, smokes   someone   of   people close to you, let him read this article and   give support.

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