Pros and Cons of Hard Sex Toys

Modern sex products can be flexible, supple or rigid. Each category has its own pros and cons. Solid things provide the best body massage, but with sudden movements can cause injury. When is it worth choosing a device made of metal, glass or plastic, and when is it made of soft silicone or special rubber?

What sex toys can be called “tough”?

The hardness is determined by the material. Models made of glass or metal can be safely called tough. But silicone products can have similar properties too. It’s just that the coating on top is made of delicate material, while the solid base is also hidden inside. There are butt plugs, visually silicone, but not flexible at the same time.

Which sex toys are more likely to be made hard rather than soft?

  • Vaginal balls. For training, you need to squeeze the simulator strongly, and the effect is stronger if the immersed part does not change shape. Of course, there may be relief on the surface, but it does not matter much. 
  • Anal stimulants. They have to overcome the resistance of a narrow hole. And it is important that they do not bend. The shape is always oblong, often ribbed. But the base is always very dense. 
  • Butt plugs with rhinestones. They look very impressive. They are made of metal, often cast and rather heavy. Ideal jewelry for sex, often presented as a gift. 

A dildo, a vibrator, a urethral massager, an erection ring can be solid. But more often these products have different hardness, everyone chooses the best option for themselves.

Pros of hard sex toys

Hard goods have many advantages. For example, metal and glass products can serve for decades. They are very difficult to break or spoil, unlike realists.

  • Perfect massage. The relief on the surface caresses the body, causing a strong response. Each rib is felt very distinctly. 
  • The angle of introduction. You can precisely select the angle of stimulation, the sex toy will not bend, will not change the configuration even with strong pressure. 
  • Point impact. It is very nice to stimulate certain areas, for example, the G-spot in women. 
  • The power of exposure. The force of the push is not reduced due to the depreciation of the material. You can quite tangibly caress any area. 

There are many advantages, which is why glass, ceramic, plastic toys always have a lot of admirers. Having such a device is in any collection.

Cons of hard sex toys

But non-flexible products also have disadvantages. There are not many of them, but you should remember about them when buying.

  • Injury. During arousal, you can push too hard, resulting in injury. In a fit of passion, this is not immediately noticed. It is important to be careful, monitor the strength and angle of impact. 
  • Immutability. Rigid devices provide the same experience. It does not change, and this is a strong minus for someone. A toy in a few months may just get bored. 

There are not many negative sides, so there is always a demand for tough models.

Who Buys Solid Sex Toys?

All kinds of people buy hard toys. These things always look stylish, for example, glass models are very similar to works of art. You can even give them to loved ones.

But solid objects are rarely taken by beginners. Most often they are bought to complement their collection with something exclusive and very beautiful.

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