Random Relations: Are you for or against?

If you open the calendar of significant dates (those where you can find both Programmer’s Day and Irish Beer Day), you can find that holidays take place EVERY day. Yes, yes, and with them , parties and everything that this wonderful word contains … Yes, it is here, at parties, that the souls open, fresh gossip breaks out, other people’s secrets are blown out, unexpected acquaintances are made and what happens used to be called the awesome word “fall”. So, meet – RANDOM SEX!  

It just so happened.
He and she met. You may have known each other for a hundred years, but there was no talk of such a close acquaintance. There is a second option. You are standing, turning your head from side to side and suddenly … He. Or she. A couple of on-duty phrases, light flirtation and sudden insight: I want! The next choice is to proudly nullify feelings and disperse in a good way, either … or cuddle with your whole body and fly at least to the ends of the world. 

Hot spots
Young people who have darkened with lust in their eyes, as a rule, are not too picky in choosing an interior. If you’re lucky – someone’s room (it would be nice also with a heck). Lucky a little less – the bathtub, its tile-cooling surroundings and the constant knocking on the door “Guys, what are you doing there, huh?” Extreme! Extreme extreme, but let’s talk about the dangers of an event called “random sex.”   

Rumor has it … The
first fly in the ointment, as a rule, are eyewitnesses who will later recall, “And remember, is it ??? Yes, he’s all … “and in the same vein. Of course, if you fly into space from day to day or inherit Bill Gates’s fortune, then you gossip on the drum. Otherwise, having enjoyed the “forbidden fruit”, be prepared for an attack of rumors. Just imagine: at a meeting, the friends’ eyes grin doubtfully. The company of smokers is silently silent when you appear. And if the second participant in the incident cuts off the rumors with all sorts of details? 

The Ministry of Health warns
If the previous arguments do not convince, it is worth thinking about the medical aspect of sex at once. Few people think of reliable protection against various troubles in the heat of passion. And then fear, analyzes, panic and babble: “Everything happened so fast.” Is even the most divine sex worth it, huh? 

And the next day they woke up.
Of course, fate is a capricious lady. You will never guess what tonight will turn out to be for you. Perhaps in the morning he will not even remember who you are, and she will say: “I already have a young man.” One-time sex can turn into a huge spiritual and bright love, or it can remain a pleasant memory that warms the soul, which no living soul knows about! Shhh … 

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