Safe sex at the resort

Summer vacation is a time of relaxation, romance and new acquaintances. The novels that broke out at the resort are commonplace, it is difficult to resist the temptation when there are so many pretty faces and slender bodies around. But how can you protect yourself in such a relationship? How can you avoid a lot of trouble?

Vacation romances are convenient in that they begin easily and just as easily end, without requiring any obligations from the parties. Having succumbed to passion and lost his head, a person may not even think about his own health and not use any means to protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, such frivolity can end very badly – a person will bring from vacation not only memories , but also a kind of “souvenir” that will require an appeal to a special dispensary. 

The most common sexually transmitted diseases are trichomoniasis, mycoplasmosis, syphilis, ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. Also, do not forget about such a terrible disease as AIDS. And if diseases such as ureaplasmosis and gonorrhea are relatively easy to cure, then with syphilis, and even more so with AIDS, the situation will be much more serious. A person who goes to rest must certainly take care of reliable methods of protection.

What can modern medicine offer?

Condom – this tool is considered the most effective, and it protects not only from sexually transmitted diseases, but also from unnecessary pregnancy. Moreover, it is necessary to use a condom for all types of sexual contact – with normal vaginal, anal and oral sex. For anal and vaginal sex, you can use higher-density condoms, which provide better protection than regular condoms. Of course, a condom does not protect a person 100%, but if the rules of use are followed, it still protects against various troubles.   

These rules are quite simple, and they are easy for every person to remember: it is necessary to purchase latex condoms, this material is the strongest of all. It is better to buy condoms in a pharmacy or in a specialized store , moreover, products of increased density are the best option. Each product can only be used once. Care must be taken when using condoms – latex can be damaged by sharp nails, rings, and so on. 

Spermicides are special vaginal tablets, as well as gels, ointments and suppositories. The main function of all these drugs is to protect against unnecessary pregnancy, they practically do not protect against diseases. Therefore, they are recommended to be used by married couples or those sexual partners who fully trust each other. Antiseptics are products that must be applied within 50-60 minutes of having sex without a condom. Antiseptics cannot be used as the main measures to prevent disease, since their use is just a fallback. These funds are sold in the form of solutions, with which it is necessary to wipe the stomach, thighs and the genitals themselves. For douching, they are diluted with water as stated in the instructions. 


How to protect yourself at the resort?

Sometimes it happens that one of the partners does not want to use means of protection and, for all attempts to convince him of the opposite, begins to scandal and take offense, asking what caused the mistrust in him. In such cases, you should not follow the lead and abandon the means of protection, since a person may not know about the diseases he has.

The absence of symptoms does not mean the absence of diseases , therefore, both men and women must be protected. Some couples practice incomplete intercourse as a method of contraception, but this method has long been not considered effective, since sperm is released in very small portions during the entire process, and as a result, pregnancy may occur. Of course, doing this during a holiday romance is more than unreasonable.

A male partner may refuse to use condoms, explaining that he does not like the sensations, and many women, without thinking, agree to have unprotected sex, and as a result then have various problems. In this case, you should confront your partner with a fact: if there is no condom, then there will be no sex either. Five minutes of pleasure is absolutely not worth the risk.

What if the sex was unprotected?

But what if you still have sex without a condom? First, you need to urinate and wash your genitals well with laundry soap. After that, treat the abdomen, genitals and inner thighs with a special antiseptic. Such antiseptics are available in any pharmacy. Carefully observe the further state of health and in the very near future visit a doctor , pass all the tests necessary in this case. All those people who are going to go on vacation need to remember that their own health and safety is above all, because rash actions can have a very bad effect on human health. The most effective protection against diseases is sexual abstinence, no other method gives an exact guarantee. Of course, no one forces people to completely abandon sexual relations, but everyone has the power to create comfortable and safe conditions for themselves. It is better to bring a lot of pleasant memories from the resort than various “Venus gifts”.   

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