School of erotica. What does passion smell like?

The art of seduction, flirting, love play … There are many components of eroticism in this school. One of them is the smell of passion .  

So, the fragrance … This is a great conditional sign to indicate your sexual intentions. From several dozens of erotic essential oils, you can create allsorts only for your loved one. In order not to destroy the magic spell and support the love game, you must give a signal about your romantic mood!

These are the secrets I use myself, once upon a time a wise woman taught me this. Then I came across an interesting book about the magic of seduction. Sharing!

A bed of passion.

We scent bed linens. 3 drops of undiluted rosemary essential oil – in the palm of your hand. And with the fingers of the other hand evenly apply to the freshly ironed bedding. Real essential oil should not leave any traces! From ancient times, rosemary was called “grass of the heart.” He inspires, inspires, inflames passion, helps to increase the duration of the love game! 

If your age is from 40 to 50 years old, cypress will help open the second breath of your love. Only 2 drops of this oil are needed. Cypress increases endurance, gives flexibility to the body. There is enough fuse for the energetic continuation of the feast of sensuality even in the morning, after a long languid night of love!

Neutralization of odor aggression.

Remember how quickly your romantic mood disappears when your loved one takes off his socks or sweaty shirt. Convince your beloved man to accept a handmade gift from you – aromatic talc. You just need to do this without offending your partner. Buy baby powder or talcum powder at the pharmacy. Measure out half a glass and place the powder in a clean, hermetically sealed container where 10 drops of eucalyptus oil are preliminarily poured. Keep the mixture tightly corked for 2 days. Shake it periodically. Then pour this mixture into a beautiful box and give it to your beloved! Come up with an interesting story about this gift – you are MAGICIANS! Let them dust problem areas in the morning, in the evening and right before a date.   

My favorite recipe is a one-for-two love bath. 

I pour the necessary amount of foam for the bath into the cap from the bottle and add 4 drops of sandalwood, 4 – neroli, 3 – ylang-ylang and 2 – marjoram. Each of the oils carries an erotic load. Sandalwood increases potency, makes you resourceful in affection. Ylang-ylang enhances the pleasure of a love game and orgasm. Neroli lengthens the most pleasant sexual experiences. Marjoram brings a taste of prohibition and secrets, makes the spine more flexible. Very often we don’t feel like moving to bed, and we make love right in the water!    

Erotic shower. Nice …

Just add 7 drops of myrrh to the shower gel. We rub each other with a fragrant gel for a long time, stretching the pleasure of touching … We rinse ourselves with cool water and, without wiping ourselves, make love!

Heady kisses. Tasty!

Kisses will acquire a spicy taste if you prepare for them in advance. Need a light wine. In 2 teaspoons of honey add 3 drops of bergamot oil. Honey will gain the familiar taste of the “Gray Earl” tea. Add this honey to 0.7 liters of cooked wine. This cocktail must be aged for 3 days in a warm, dark place. Shake, sip and kiss until dizziness before use. Wine with bergamot has the property of causing a special erotic pulsation.

Erotic massage.

The whole prelude can be devoted to mutual erotic massage, as advised by Kama Sutra. Man to woman gently rubs jasmine oil into the skin: 4 drops per 10 grams of olive. Jasmine is a feminine fragrance. It liberates the closed, allows you to feel the pleasure of intimacy during pregnancy. A woman prepares for a man an elixir for massage based on male ginger oil – 3 drops per 10 grams of olive.  

Belly dance.

If you are shy about your body, especially the abdomen, decorated with stretch marks after childbirth, prepare for yourself a mixture based on rosemary, mint and neroli in a 1: 1: 1 ratio. With a thin stick, apply a cocktail of pure oils with an aromatic net directly on the scars. One to ten times a day!

The aroma of the bedroom.

Pour warm water into the aroma lamp and add 5 drops of pine or nutmeg oil. Light a candle. Let the lamp burn all the time while you have sex. A pine tree gives a surge of energy and strength, brings fire and recklessness into action. Muscat rejuvenates, renews sensations. Pragmatists, overloaded with work, forget about things for a while, become romantics, and completely disconnect from problems.

The science of seduction can be studied all my life, every day adding new notes to the relationship. May this school be beneficial, may it strengthen your mutual attraction! Love you!

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