Sex for conception. 10 recommendations

How to have sex to get pregnant? 10 simple recommendations will increase the chance of conception. Using them is simple, the result is fast.

Not everyone can get pregnant from the first unprotected intercourse – this is the exception rather than the trend. On average, a couple who wants to have a baby spends about 4 months on getting the long-awaited result – pregnancy. But sometimes even a year or more passes. Of course, in such cases, numerous questions arise, because suddenly something happens wrong?

We found 10 useful tips for those who want to get a baby as soon as possible.

Tip 1 – rushing is not always a good adviser

If you want to take your baby into your arms as soon as possible – first of all, you need to stop rushing. If oral contraceptives have been taken before, they are waiting for at least a couple of menstrual cycles, or even more. Even if the instructions say that you can “get pregnant” right after you stop taking them.

Tip 2 – visit your doctor

Many young couples visit a doctor only at the stage of pregnancy planning, and they do it right. By examining both partners and giving useful tips, the doctor will help increase the chances of having a healthy baby and a favorable pregnancy. And for a quick conception, of course, too.

Tip 3 – get tested

Even if it is decided to do without a doctor, it is worth taking tests. And sometimes – and do an ultrasound. After all, there are many factors that can significantly reduce the chances of pregnancy up to the complete impossibility of having children without medical intervention. And in particular, these are STDs and their consequences.

Tip 4 – Take Vitamins

If the body has a deficiency of nutrients, the chances of pregnancy are reduced. Therefore, it is worth drinking the overall complex, and this applies to both partners. And each of them should take folic acid, which increases the chances of successful fertilization.

Tip 5 – walk

A moderate load on the body, especially on the pelvic area – this is ideal for those who want to conceive a child. And again, for both men and women. After all, small loads improve tone and speed up blood circulation. Stress is relieved, stagnation is eliminated, the body shows a willingness to conceive. However, excessive loads have the opposite effect. Therefore, it is better to refuse marathon distances. But an evening walk in the park, especially along with the second half, will bring only benefit.

Tip 6 – eliminate stress

Not everyone knows this, but stress significantly reduces fertility in both men and women. As for the stronger sex, here moral stress can even lead to impotence. So if there is a desire to acquire offspring, it is worth excluding unnecessary experiences. For this, they even change jobs! After all, a frayed nervous system does not bring benefits in any area of ​​life.

Tip 7 – Have Sex On Schedule!

And this is not a joke. For women, it is recommended that you maintain an ovulation calendar to know the days when conception is most likely. And in general, it is recommended to have sex not as often as possible, but once every two days. Then there will be time for the production and full maturation of sperm, ready to act fully and give life.

Tip 8 – maximum enjoyment

The stronger the sexual arousal, the greater the chance of conception. And the simultaneous orgasm increases them to the maximum, because the cervix opens and pulsates, helping the sperm to penetrate. You can use sex toys to achieve maximum arousal.

Tip 9 – Poses

You can help to give birth to a new life through poses. But here it will not be a matter of pleasure, but of deep penetration and proper inclination. So, it is believed that the missionary and doggy style, as well as spoons and any poses that give deep penetration, are optimal for conception.

Tip 10 – proper nutrition and weight

Proper nutrition ensures the presence of the necessary vitamins in the body, and average weight, with a BMI of 20-30, gives a woman the maximum chance of conception.

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