Sex in the bathroom. The opinion of those who have tried

It seems to many that sex in the bathroom is an exciting adventure. But there are those who do not like such experiences. We decided to collect the opinions of those who have already tried. Real stories of couples who made love in the wettest place of the house.

Positive experience

There are people who like sex in the bathroom and in the shower. They often practice it and enjoy it. Here are their impressions of such experiments:

Alena, 34 years old

While the house had a small bath, we often had fun in it. But then they moved. We thought that in a large bathroom it would be more convenient. But it turned out that no. It’s hard to hold, you can’t choose a pose, the water splashes. We lost a good place.

But did you have sex under water?

No, there was little water. He was lying at the bottom, and I was sitting on top. It was convenient to lean with your hands on the sides, and not just on your legs. The perfect horsewoman pose was obtained.

Anna, 26 years old

We often have sex in the shower. Usually in the mornings when we are going to work. Everything is quick, but it’s interesting. Then the mood improves significantly. It really invigorates!

Victor, 33 years old

I can only persuade my wife to anal in the bathroom. She is afraid that it will be dirty, but in the bath is not so noticeable. You just do not need to do this under water, but it is convenient to place yourself, and to direct the showers from above. Although we do not do this often, I like the process.

Zhenya, 37 years old

If it weren’t for the bath, we wouldn’t have sex at all. The five of us lived in a two-room apartment. When the first child was born, there was nowhere to retire. Then we adapted to do everything in the bathroom. When the second was born, it became even more difficult. We then tried all the poses we could come up with. But everything is very quiet so that no one hears or wakes up.

Bad bathroom sex experience

There are those who do not like to experiment in water. Why don’t they like it? We asked our customers. The answers were unexpected:

Tatyana, 23 years old

I have never rubbed a vagina before sex in the bathroom. And they decided to try it, so then I seemed to learn to walk again. I remember the following days as a real nightmare. I don’t experiment anymore.

Expert commentary:

During sex in water, the natural lubricant is completely washed off, and slipping can injure the skin. Immediately this happens imperceptibly, but then it can be painful. All this is solved, you need a lubricant on a silicone basis. It does not immediately leave the body, it helps to enjoy even under water.

Marina, 39 years old

My husband and I remember that day with a smile. I slipped and hit the edge of the bathroom. Broke the front tooth. It was not so much painful as hurt. And the husband was very scared. Then I had to go to the dentist and try to talk with my mouth closed for more than a week. Now everything really seems very funny, but then it was insulting. Since then, no longer tried in the bathroom. Yes, and does not pull at all.

Sexologist comments:

Smooth floors and wet surfaces are unstable. To make it convenient, you should put a silicone mat or towel under your feet. And you need a reliable support, so as not to lose balance. Sitting and lying poses are less traumatic than standing positions.

Yuri, 35 years old

We poured the neighbors twice, making love in the bathroom. In the process, it is pleasant to splash around, but it is worth increasing the amplitude, as part of the water spills overboard. And right away you don’t go to wipe. And then it’s late. It’s nice to do this in water, I will not hide, but then it costs a lot. I’ll definitely make waterproofing in the new bathroom.

Vitaliy, 42 years old

How can you fit in our bathrooms? They are tiny! There you can’t stretch your legs, you won’t bend so that it’s comfortable. In Khrushchev, in any room it’s crowded, but in the bathroom you can’t turn around at all.

Sex in the bathroom can be interesting if you follow safety precautions and do not forget about lubricants.

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