Sex in the car: was it not?

Lovely American Catherine Tramell is driving her car through the streets of London. Behind the wheel is a famous black football player. The speedometer is off scale. Catherine takes the man’s hand and puts it under her skirt. Passions run high, but the car suddenly crashes into warehouses and then flies into the Thames. The football player is drowning, the American is saved. This is how the thundering film Basic Instinct 2 begins, starring Sharon Stone. Cars beckon fans to “do it” in non-standard situations. Here you have both adrenaline and a closed space in which partners are forced to snuggle closer and closer to each other. And judging by American films, for the young people there, this is generally an absolutely standard place for amorous pleasures. So to be or not to be sex in the car? Let’s figure it out.    


  1. Adrenaline, lots of adrenaline. The fear that you will be noticed by an overly vigilant grandmother, or a law enforcement officer, or … but you never know who. We take risks, the heart beats faster and the pleasure from this is many times greater.
  2. Romance. Especially if the rain is knocking on the window or the stars are sparkling. Sex in a car can be not only passionate and hot, but also very sensual. Believe me, it will brighten up even very gray everyday life.
  3. The opportunity to make love, if, by the will of circumstances, you have nowhere else to arrange love games. For example, relatives suddenly arrived, and even for a whole week. You cannot remain without love for so long!
  4. You have a chance to try new poses that are practically inaccessible in other conditions. For example, you can unfold the front passenger seat, lie on it with your stomach down, but so that your hands rest on the back seat. It turns out that under the hips the partner has a headrest. Similar to the standard pillow pose, but much more effective. 


  1. Alas, there is no shower in the car, and you will not be able to freshen up after passionate sex.
  2. There is little space in the car. This should be especially taken into account by tall people, who from time to time can bump their heads, feet and hands into the doors, ceiling and glove compartment. By the way, about the front panel. Even if you feel very good, you should not push too hard against her or kick her on her. Maybe the airbag will go off.
  3. A car without climate control can get pretty cool in winter or too hot in summer.

What you need to consider for lovers of auto strawberries :

  1. Of course, car sex is often spontaneous and unplanned, but if you still envision this adventure, it is better to stock up on wet wipes.
  2. If you and your loved one went out into nature, and he decided to put you right on the hot hood, a blanket will not hurt you. Firstly, in summer, the metal can get very hot, and secondly, even a pre-washed car during the trip will collect a lot of dust, dirt and insects.
  3. Do not try to do this in small cars, you will be at least uncomfortable. The mini-car perfectly bypasses city ​​traffic jams, but it is completely unsuitable for love. For it will make you crumple and curl up, and it is not a fact that you will easily unravel later. So look for other unusual places to have sex.
  4. Never do this while driving! Yes, it is beautiful, extreme, unusual. But remember that you are risking your lives, and not just yours. Remember the horror movie “Losing Weight” and what terrible consequences the heroes’ lack of restraint at the wheel led to.
  5. Put the car on the handbrake. Otherwise, there is a risk that the shaking will cause the car to roll, God knows where. And it’s also good, if not into the river or on pedestrians.
  6. Remember the hottest scene in the Titanic movie? So, in the car, when someone loves someone there, the windows sweat a lot. Moreover, it will almost certainly wobble. So that all passers-by will understand what is going on behind the tinted windows. So if you want to keep your experiment a secret, go where no one will recognize your car. That is, it is better not to take risks in your own yard.

And finally, we recall: according to the traffic rules, drivers must have condoms in their first-aid kits. Do not fall to them uselessly! So long live sex in any unexpected places, and especially on our iron horses. 

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