Sex only relationship instruction

Today you will not surprise anyone with the format of free relations. If earlier the presence of several sexual partners for a woman was considered indecent, now the boundaries of what is permissible are wider. When partners are good in bed, but none of them counts on a serious relationship, then why not enjoy only intimate satisfaction? If no one owes anything to anyone, makes no claims and is not jealous, then it is quite possible to maintain such an alliance. But even in such a relationship, there are rules that must be followed.

Free relationship rules

· Before entering into such an alliance, talk frankly with your partner and set the boundaries of what is permitted. Decide who expects what from this relationship. It may turn out that one of you hopes that this relationship will develop into something more, and the other partner does not share similar prospects. · Don’t make long-term plans. The good thing about free relationships is that they are not limited by commitments and hopes for the future. Live for today, brushing aside all unnecessary. Just enjoy sex and treat your partner as a source of pleasure , not as a husband. · Do not try to become friends with a relationship partner. Sex should be limited only to physical intimacy, not spiritual. All frank conversations and close relationships inevitably lead to deep feelings, torment and doubts, and there is no place for freedom and independence. · Agree with your partner in an open relationship that the topic of ex-lovers on both sides is taboo. Although you do not intend to get close mentally, no one likes talking about good connections. · Respect the established boundaries. Remember the main rule that you do not owe each other anything, so do not make excuses for the flowers presented by another fan, and do not ask him to explain who he was busy with yesterday evening. · Obviously, in this format of relationships, it is simply necessary to use contraceptives, especially if you have agreed that you have the right to have sexual intercourse with other partners. · You shouldn’t get to know each other’s inner circle. This is a step into a more advanced relationship, but not free f. You don’t need mutual acquaintances. · No dating! Do not forget that there is only sex between you, so leave romance for a partner to whom you will be serious . The most difficult thing in a sex only relationship is not to fall in love or put an end to it. If you decide to break up with your partner, be sure to let him know about it, and do not disappear as a person avoiding responsibility. And if you feel that something more has arisen between you, also discuss it with him: what if these feelings are mutual, and you will move to a new level of intimacy. 

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