Sex with … breasts: 6 positions for intrimammary sex

Intramammary sex is one of the most exotic types of sex. Its peculiarity is that a man’s orgasm is achieved without penetrating a woman’s body. What poses are suitable for those who want to experiment with this technique? We’ve explored the most popular non-penetrative breast sex options. However, before moving on to the poses themselves, let’s delve a little deeper into the terminology and explore the specifics of amazing intergrill sex. 


Breast sex: what is it and what are its advantages?

Intramammary sex (translated from Latin means “in the breast”) has gained considerable popularity among connoisseurs of a beautiful female breast. This technique refers to the types of sex without the penetration of the penis into the woman’s body. Orgasm is provoked by frictions , which are carried out while the man rubs his penis between the mounds of his partner’s chest.
Good practice rules during interbreast sex

This type of sex with breast stimulation has certain rules that both women and men should consider. 1) Delicacy. A man should not squeeze his girlfriend’s breasts too hard, even if she herself asks him in the heat of excitement. 2) Application of lubricant.  

 Since it can be painful to move the head of the penis on dry skin, it is recommended to use lubricants . Lubrication will not only prevent irritation, but will also help the penis glide smoothly between the mounds of the girl’s chest.

3) Prelude. Even if a girl loves to caress a man with her breasts, this does not mean that you can immediately poke a member into her. Guys should be attentive to their chosen ones, starting with foreplay. Caress her breasts, play with her nipples, and only then start having sex. But why have such weird sex? – many will ask. Here are a few reasons for you: – inter – breast sex – an alternative for girls who want to preserve vaginal virginity; – a woman with sensitive breasts receives pleasant stimulation; – a man who loves breasts experiences a brighter orgasm; – intramammary sex brings variety to the intimate life of partners; – such sex can be engaged without fear of an unplanned pregnancy; – interbreast sex can quite successfully replace a blow job if the girl (for some reason) does not like to satisfy the man orally; – intramammary sex will be a pleasant alternative in cases where the usual sex is not feasible (for example, your partner hurt her menses or do not have any of the contraceptive options). – In sex without penetration, as a rule, you can do without condoms. Important! We did not find a single mention of cases of infection with STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) that occurred as a result of intramammary sex. However, we are not doctors, and therefore we cannot authoritatively state that such cases are completely impossible. So that sex does not end with a visit to a venereologist, undergo timely examinations , protect yourself or have sex only with a trusted partner .

Poses for intramammary sex

There is a myth that inter-breast sex can only be done with large breasts. Nothing like this! Even with a modest size, it is quite possible to clasp the penis with mounds of the chest. All you need is to sit over the man’s body and squeeze the hills more tightly. Let’s explore the options for poses for those who want to experiment.

1. Cowboy

The woman lies on her back and squeezes her breasts with her hands. The man settles down on top and, kneeling, penetrates the penis between the mounds of the chest. If the penis is quite long, then the girl can tickle it with her tongue or periodically suck, which will cause a brighter orgasm in the guy.

2. Reverse cowboy

A hot and difficult position for a woman that will drive a man ready for experiments crazy. The position is suitable for those who like stimulation of the anus. A friend can resort to anusling techniques or simply pour hot breath on the man’s buttocks.

3. On the side

Are you tired and you both want slow and gentle sex in a sensual position? Then lie on your side facing each other. Let your partner lower herself so that her breasts are at the level of the man’s genitals. Move slowly, caressing each other’s bodies with your hands.  

4. Pose “69”

Many people may have the misconception that intramammary sex is aimed exclusively at the satisfaction of men. This is not so, there are positions in which women can feel the strongest arousal, experiencing a powerful orgasm. An example of this is the variation of the pose “69”. While a girl caresses her partner’s penis, a man can give her pleasure with the help of cunnilingus .

5. Girl on top

Here is just an example of a pose that suits both owners of large breasts and girls with small sizes. If you are hovering over a man’s body, then your breasts do not “spread” over your body, but sink down under the influence of gravity. This makes it easier to grab a man’s penis. Since in this position the woman’s hands are occupied (she is holding her weight with them), the partner will have to squeeze the breasts. It is unlikely that a man will be dissatisfied with this state of affairs.

6. On your knees

Many guys are driven crazy by the very thought of a naked girl kneeling in front of them. Well, this position is ideal for inter-breast sex, which can be alternated with different blowjob techniques . 

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