Sex without penetration. 6 ways to enjoy!

There are times when penetration is not used, but sex still happens. In this case, neither oral nor anal caresses occur. There are ways to give pleasure in a different way, and they are worth trying, even just for a change . There are 6 fun ways to get intimate without diving. They are suitable for preserving virginity, with prohibitions from the doctor on sexual intercourse, during pregnancy. 

1. Petting

In my youth, petting in clothes was very exciting. Kisses, touches have already happened, but no one took off their clothes. There was no transition to oral or vaginal sex, pleasure was from the very fact of the closeness of a partner and from friction. It didn’t always come to orgasm, but it was very exciting.

Petting is also practiced today, and it is worth trying to go back to youth and experience it again. The rules are simple – do not take off your panties ! And, of course, take your time. You can touch the genitals, but through your clothes. 

2. Frottage

Frottage is friction that provides sexual gratification. It all starts with petting, but then the partners are naked. It is not necessary to shoot everything. In this case, panties are often left on the girl. And the man rubs against them, reaching the peak of pleasure. The process takes place in different positions . He can be on top or she. And the girl can also be the active side and touching the penis with the crotch, cause a violent reaction. 


3. Sex and an unusual place

The partner’s member can be placed between the breasts, between the buttocks, or even the armpit . This is a space where a lot of friction can occur, and it’s a bit like classic sex. Of course, you will have to find the optimal posture to be comfortable. It is permissible to squeeze the penis with the thighs, feet or palms. But this point implies active movements of the man , while the woman remains almost motionless, although she may also be pleased. For a better process, don’t forget to lubricate. With it, you get perfect glide. 


4. Mutual masturbation

Fondling each other with your hands is also sex without penetration. And it is not necessary to insert something into the vagina or anus, you can caress the perineum and clitoris. It is performed in a variety of poses, while there may be close bodily contact or the partner just lies nearby. It is appropriate to do this with or without clothing. Masturbation can be simultaneous or alternate . Which method to try – decide for yourself. But with lubrication, everything will be much more convenient. 


5. Erotic massage

The massage is done to one partner, the other just lies and enjoys. In the process, movements occur from the tips of the fingers to the groin. And only at the end of the hand lie on the genitals and massage them until you get an orgasm. The process is very sensual, it can excite both. Penetration is optional.

To make the massage go well, a special oil is used. It fills the room with chic scents. Massage candles are also appropriate. Warm wax, getting on the body, evokes a pleasant response, but does not burn.

6. Stimulation with sex toys

Exposure to sex toys is also sex, but without penetration. You can use thousands of unique items that will definitely give an orgasm. In this case, there will be no penis-vaginal contact. For example, a man will enjoy a massage with a masturbator. This will allow you to reach the peak.

A woman will like the massager, when it touches the erogenous zones, it will cause pleasant sensations. It’s exciting. It is appropriate to use vacuum or wave sex toys for the clitoris, they guarantee an orgasm. Various remote-controlled vibrating panties will not be superfluous, with such a thing, sex can happen even in a public place if the partner controls the toy.

Sex without penetration is also enjoyable sexual contact. It can be used to make life brighter. But to make everything more comfortable and fun, do not forget about lubrication.

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