Should I mix friendship and sex?

As they say, the friendship between a man and a woman sooner or later ends with sex. This, of course, does not always happen, but very often. The question is whether it is worth translating good friendships into the intimate sphere. 


Sex without limits . The most obvious benefit is ease of relationship. That is, you have a sexual partner, you do not need to look for him on the side, moreover, your sexual relations are based on the absence of pressure, restrictions, and, of course, the emotional side of the issue. But this is only possible if both parties are well aware that such sexual relations do not oblige them to anything. Both partners are honest with each other regarding the fact that both of them have sex and only, that is, give pleasure to each other. And no one has the thought that the other uses it, since, in fact, such sexual relationships are built on the mutual use of each other.    

Tip . If you want sexual relations not to ruin your friendships, you must be honest with each other. If any of you (mainly the female half) have the slightest hope for something more, consider this the beginning of the end of your relationship. In 9 out of 10 cases, such friendly sexual relations do not go into a serious stage. Therefore, women, do not try to make your male friends serious partners in life and do not enter into sexual relations with them with some far-reaching calculation. Only if you both want sexual pleasure and everything is limited to sex.

The factor of convenience and comfort. This situation is convenient. Thus, you skip the intermediate stage of flirting. You do not need to go on dates, buy gifts, invite to a cafe or restaurant, try to guess what she likes. Everything is clear and well known. You do not need to worry about how the meeting will take place, you feel comfortable with each other both physically and emotionally, you are aware of each other’s shortcomings. Men may not worry whether sexual intercourse will be successful, because in any case, you will remain in good relations and you can then laugh together at minor failures. Such relationships are suitable for people who do not have time for romance, but there is a certain need.  

Tip . Remember that you must be honest with each other, and all points on the “and” must be placed. Moreover, you should not spread about your relations to friends, relatives, acquaintances. You should also not publicize the relationship. If there is mutual understanding between partners in this matter, then just call. But if the partner / partner for some reason refuses to meet, do not insist and be offended, since you do not owe anything to each other. This is the meaning of such a sexual relationship. Moreover, the factor of convenience and comfort does not mean that you should be a lazy lover or a lazy lover. Do not try to impress either, just give pleasure and you will be answered the same. 


Someone necessarily becomes attached , begins to desire more and dream of a serious relationship. And if such desires are not mutual, then people will inflict resentment against each other, and jealousy may arise. It is difficult to separate sex from emotions, but this is exactly what you should do if you want to start sexual relations with friends.

Tip . Avoid the instinct of the owner. Remember: your relationship is free, you do not owe anything to each other. If, for example, you do not want to meet today, this does not mean that your partner / partner does not have the right to meet with someone else at this time. If by nature you are the owner / owner, then you better not start such a relationship.

The end of friendship. If we consider the worst case scenario, then balancing on the verge of friendship and love will sooner or later destroy friendships, you can stop talking at all . Unfortunately, most often this all ends. Because as soon as you moved to the physical level, the previous dynamics of the development of friendships disappeared forever. 

Tip . If you want to maintain close friendships with someone who, unfortunately, turned out to be of the opposite sex, do not risk it. Precautions must be taken: do not drink alcohol together, do not spend much time alone.

Negative impact on future serious relationships. If a woman with whom you are serious, discovers that you somehow had sexual relations with female friends, she will be jealous of you and suspicious of other women. The same is true for men.  

“Narpu end ” This happens very rarely, but it is possible that romantic feelings will arise on both sides. And when that happens, friendships will grow into something more than a simple agreement to satisfy physical needs. They will develop into a serious relationship with a solid foundation built on friendship, mutual understanding and reverent feelings.

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