Signs of Sympathy Girls

This time we want to talk about the signs of a girl’s sympathy for you. At this moment, many of you rolled your eyes, like Tony Stark on memes , they say, what is there to tell – shoots with his eyes, runs his hand through his hair and breathes hotly. So, men, all these “signs” are gone along with the VHS, on which they were shown to you. The topic is not easy, you need to understand!

Men are straightforward creatures and, in their attempts at courtship, rely on what the girls said, as well as on what was written in SMS. So this is already a mistake, because you need to look at her actions and her attention to you. Due to such errors, the request “how to get out of the friend zone ” breaks records all the time. And, believe me, we know why a girl perceives as a friend or generally inadequate . How to recognize the sympathy of a girl? The most important thing is if the girl prefers to communicate with you in an intimate way. When your company chooses she herself, agreeing to take a walk together, be alone, go to a cafe, etc. In all other cases, you are just being fooled. All these “I will be with a friend”, “We are going with friends, if you want, join” – all such formulations show her disinterest in you.

Signs of a Girl’s Sympathy – Signals

• A detailed study of you with a look
• The girl allows you to touch her, being with you in the company of other people • Touches you herself

As we explained in the previous section, look at the actions, not the words. In the case when strangers tell you that a particular girl likes you, this may not be true. Some social intrigues are quite possible, as well as the opportunity to neigh at you when you, full of confidence, go on the attack on this girl. As an option, they are trying to bring you together, but with unprofitable goals for you. Therefore, once again – look exclusively at the actions of the girl in relation to you.

Communication with a girl in social networks

Communication in social networks should be treated more simply. If a girl added you as a friend or put a lot of likes on your CrossFit photos, these actions mean absolutely nothing.
On social media, pay attention to the time she spends talking to you. If in your online correspondence she behaves like the description below, then most likely she likes you:

1. Her messages are long
2. She gives detailed answers3. She asks you questions. Talks a lot about himself

When to Get Close to a Girl

When a girl is waiting for your next move, you will also see certain kinds of signals. On a date, with mutual sympathy, a rapprochement occurs between you. It is important not to miss the moment and not ask yourself how to touch a girl, but start acting in time. If a girl looks at your face, lips, eyes a lot, this is a sign of readiness for a kiss.
Readiness for hugs is simply checked, take her hands and put her on your shoulders, if she does not remove her hands, then pull her to your waist and hug her.

A girl’s interest in you ALWAYS check only through feedback signals from her

Girl Vret. How to Recognize?

Just like any lying person immediately scorches on the affectation of emotions, so the girl will smile a lot and fake, laugh and stand in a pose on the topic of how cool you are, but she is so inaccessible. You will hear many stories about how cool men tried to conquer her and how she skillfully merged them. At the same time, there will be a game of “I can, you can’t.” That is, she herself will touch you, but she will not give herself to you. As a last resort, she will give you a hand, but if you try to go further, there will be a block from her side. Why are you being fooled?

Why I Don’t Understand Women’s Signals?

At first glance, everything is simple and obvious, but most men simply do not catch the signs of a girl’s sympathy. The history of the problem goes into education. Cinema, mothers, grandmothers dictate the model of decent girls who will not flirt with guys insolently. There, in the ideal world of Soviet films, there is no concept of female manipulation, no hidden motives. So we men learn from the wrong examples.


In order to correctly interpret female signals and distinguish false sympathy from real, you need to analyze the situation as a whole. Understand why a girl needs you, look at her behavior in different situations. Always keep in mind that perhaps the obvious signs of interest may be for some personal purpose. Your task is to learn to distinguish the girl’s sympathy for you as a man and personality from sympathy for the one from whom something is needed.

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