Simple rules for role-playing games

Sexual games with changing clothes are offered by sexologists to improve sexuality and return passion to relationships. But where to start and how to bring what is happening to a pleasant ending? Only at the beginning it seems that it is simple, a lot of questions arise in the process . And we decided to dispel all doubts and give simple recommendations that will help to experiment. 


Changing clothes in front of each other is unacceptable. The transformation must occur individually so that an element of surprise is present. Even if the roles are negotiated in advance, the look of the costume will cause anticipation. 


It is important not only to invent roles and buy costumes, but also to “warm up” interest in what is happening . Therefore, you can begin to communicate in advance by entering the role. A few hours about the meeting, for example, before the husband comes home from work, you can start writing messages that start the game. And it is important to understand that if the process has begun, then it is already unacceptable to cancel it. Once the first steps have been taken, it is better not to retreat, but to go to the end. 


To think over the image is better in advance. And it’s important to try it on before the game in order to understand that everything is enough. It’s very inconvenient to look for a stethoscope for a nurse or a pin to strengthen the wig before the game, such actions are confusing. Therefore, all the little things should be thought out in advance . The easiest way to buy a suit. But you can do it yourself, but it will take more time. 

Image formation

The participants in the game are not actors, so do not write huge scripts. It is not appropriate to think through all the phrases. But the general features of the hero still need to know. And it is very important to stick to these blanks. For example, an innocent girl should not become lecherous at the end of the script. And the image of the dominant should not break in the process.

Everyone should choose a character for himself, imposing is inappropriate. The role should be of interest , be desired. Therefore, it is better for beginners to try something simple: a plumber, a nurse, a teacher. These roles are clear to everyone, no complicated thinking about behavior is needed to realize them. 

Stop word

The game is an occasion to have fun, so everyone should be pleased. But sometimes something can go wrong. That is why you need a stop word. This is a signal from the partner that everything needs to be stopped. It is better to choose it in advance, and not before the game, so as not to be distracted. And if such a word sounds, it is important to immediately stop any action . All games must be voluntary. And if there is psychological or physical discomfort, it is important to be able to stop it. 

How to involve a partner in a role-playing game?

In role-playing games, both can transform, or one person can. Sometimes it is appropriate to meet a loved one in a new suit in order to engage him in the game in the moment , rather than discussing everything in advance. But how to make him join? It is ideal to choose a special atmosphere: somewhere on vacation, on weekends, when no one is in a hurry. If this is not possible, a few hours before the meeting, you need to clarify, but is the person willing to experiment? He or she may be tired, their mood may not correspond to the role, and this will ruin everything. That is why it is better to warn about the upcoming advance. No need to “reveal cards”, hints are enough. But you need to ask about the willingness to perform sexual experiments. Role dialogue is worth starting in advance . You can do this in writing. Introduce yourself first. For example, write in a general chat: “Hello, I’m Masha. I am 16 years old. I am your student. And today I will come to you for tutoring. I am not able to learn chemistry, and my parents said that any punishment can be applied so that I learn everything. ” After such a message, it is worth starting to write from a specified person, stirring up interest. It is important to understand that role-playing games are a story that not everyone will like. Someone with pleasure will plunge into the new world of experiments, someone will be embarrassed and will not be able to relax. But definitely worth a try . And even if the first attempt fails, we recommend that you try several times. And there is a big chance that changing clothes will really help return passion to a relationship. 

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