Splushing, or What does sex taste like?

Do you know what pleases us the most? Right, sex and food. About this, old Freud spoke, as well as that the process of eating can be considered a sexual act. No wonder that a romantic dinner is an integral part of both the intimate and gastronomic life of a couple in love.  

But what if we combine these two classes? Spread food on the body of a partner and eat in the process of a love game. “Pampering!” You say. “Splushing …” – fans of this fashionable sexual fetish will object. Let’s talk about what splushing is and what it is eaten with.  

Gourmet Antidepressant

The term “splashing” owes its appearance to the writer Bill Shipton, and more specifically , to his magazine “Splosh!”, Which first saw the light more than 20 years ago. The publication was humorous in nature and published photos of models in the “wet” and “dirty” surroundings. And although the magazine has not existed for a long time, the concept of splashing as the art of combining food with sex has come into use and has firmly entrenched among various forms of fetishism.   

Although splashing is not as popular as foot fetish or worshiping stockings and garters, more and more fans are appearing every year around the world. And they argue that splashing is a great way to experience the familiar from an unexpected angle, get rid of internal prohibitions and relieve accumulated stress. And sometimes just fooling around! 

However, not everyone is able to experience the pleasure of splashing. Squeamish people, as well as those who are careful about things, are unlikely to dare to such entertainment. As well as people who are serious about food and consider it wrong to indulge in it. If you do not belong to these categories, welcome to gastroerotic paradise. 

What’s on the menu for the night?

In order to plunge into the pleasures of splashing, any products will fit, even the most, at first glance, unexpected ones. It all depends on your mood.

If the body asks for sensuality and voluptuousness, use the classics of the movie style “9 and a half weeks”: whipped cream, strawberries, liquid honey, ice cream … Eat your favorite treat lying on the naked female breast, or lick chocolate sauce from the partner’s hot body … And who said food can’t be sexy?

Want to fool around and have fun? Throw food like in American comedies. Cream cakes, pies, beans, pasta are suitable for such a thing – in short, everything that flies well and easily gets dirty. The main thing is to agree in advance who and how will eliminate the consequences of a stormy night. 

Do you like exotic? Spread sushi on yourself or on your partner’s body – follow the example of Samantha from the cult “Sex and the City”. She certainly knew a lot about pleasures! 

Feed your partner with a spoon, do massage using honey, chocolate or cream, lick the syrup from the body – the choice of products and manipulations with them is limited only by the flight of your imagination. And do not reproach yourself for eating – hot sex will help burn extra calories. Have a good night!  

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