The art of petting

Remember how the times of the first youthful love, we could hug and kiss with boys for hours on end, shy and blushing from touch. Someone stopped at this, while the brave and desperate, in an effort to satisfy their curiosity, overstepped the bounds of what was permitted and allowed themselves more frank caresses. We didn’t know then that all this is a kind of sexual pleasures called petting .
Petting is the ability to culminate in sexual pleasure without direct sexual contact. There are several types of it: superficial, upper, lower and deep.

Superficial petting

Each person has their own erogenous zones: hands, neck, ears, etc. The superficial appearance of petting involves the impact on sensitive areas of the body, which are not covered by anything in everyday life. Touching other areas (back, legs, chest, etc.) is allowed only through clothing.

Upper petting

In this case, the touch is more frank and requires an intimate setting and privacy. Partners can strip to the waist and give each other affection. Do not dwell only on kisses, because erogenous zones can be stimulated by light stroking of your fingers, touching them with cilia, even your breath can cause a feeling of ecstasy.

Bottom petting

Similar to the top one. In this case, caress falls on sensitive places in the genital area (buttocks, inner thighs, etc.). All touches are superficial , without deep penetration.

Deep petting

In this case, the two nude partners stimulate each other’s erogenous zones and genitals. However, do not forget that even with deep petting, physical intercourse is prohibited. Maximum friction of the partners’ genitals is allowed. This method is called virghata .

Petting rules

· Make eye contact. For maximum pleasure, eye contact is very important, so do not forget to look your partner in the eyes;
· Use your hands. Remember to pay attention to the most sensitive spots possible. Hands in this matter are the best helper;
· Activate your lips (oddly enough, caressing your lips gives a person pleasure comparable to physical intimacy);
· Practice nibbling (light pain is a “cherry” on the cake, so I don’t overdo it).
You have not been a teenager for a long time, and you have managed to learn all the delights of sex life. But do not be frivolous about petting , considering it a fun of young and inexperienced. Try non-penetration petting. Perhaps this will open up other sides of intimacy for you, which will bring new colors and sensations to your usual sex.

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