The complex of vitamins for men: what you need to know when choosing

Consumption of vitamins and vitamin complexes increases   immunity   and restores the normal course of the body’s internal processes. In pharmacies, you can find firming complexes for all occasions. Are there special vitamins for men? What foods are more beneficial for men to eat in large quantities than for women?

What causes a lack of vitamins in men?

Human bodies operate on similar chemical principles, regardless of gender. The male body needs the same trace elements as the female, the difference is in the dosage. The body of a man is distinguished by increased muscle activity and greater muscle mass. If the muscles are not provided with vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantity, the tissues will weaken, the person will experience constant fatigue and lethargy.

In addition, scientists have proved that men react worse to the uncontrolled, rapidly changing circumstances of the external world. Restructuring under the new conditions – a huge stress for the psyche, which is experienced by the whole body. If such experiences overlap with lack   of vitamins   in food, it affects the internal physical processes and can trigger the development of chronic diseases of the heart and nervous system.

Frequent cases of diagnosing diseases of the urinary organs in recent years may also indicate a lack of vitamins for men in the daily diet. The best prevention of such unpleasant problems will be a change in diet. It is possible to restore the correct balance of trace elements by including a special vitamin complex in the daily ration.

What vitamins in food are necessary for men?

For the body to function properly, it needs not only vitamins, but also many other substances. Correct   nutrition   for men should include the following elements:

  • Animal protein. Important for muscle growth and immunity. Deficiency can also cause problems with spermatogenesis.
  • Complex carbohydrates. They give energy for the whole day, they are good for digestion.
  • Fat Essential for a healthy biochemical balance.
  • Minerals. Natural catalysts for many internal processes.
  • Vitamins. Prevent premature aging, are responsible for many functions.

On the latter should dwell. Vitamin groups are many, and each has its own purpose. Some important vitamins in foods that we eat every day are not enough to cover the daily rate. Others (for example, vitamins of group B) may be in excess, which is also harmful to the body. The following vitamins should be supplied daily to the male body in sufficient quantities:

  • B2, B6 and B12.

They control the absorption of proteins, are responsible for the tone and vigor during the day. Legumes, any meat and fish, buckwheat, nuts and mushrooms contain a sufficient amount of these nutrients. At the same time, in meat products there are most of them and they are absorbed much better. Vegetarians do not get these vitamins in food in sufficient quantities, so they are forced to take tablets.

  • Vitamin A.

Responsible for immunity, potency, testosterone production and cell construction. The lack of leads to a weakening of vision, up to a significant decrease in its low-light conditions. The main source – carrots, also vitamin A is found in dairy products, tomatoes, liver and fish. The daily rate for men is contained in 35-40 grams of carrots, and its regular excess leads to liver disease. But do not be afraid to gnaw carrots during the day, if you want, because these vitamins are assimilated only when consumed with fats – for example, with fat sour cream.

  • Vitamin C, ascorbic.

Impact weapons against the effects of stress. Normalizes pressure in hypertensive patients. It protects the body from the harm of smoking (within reasonable limits). Vitamin C accelerates the healing of wounds, prevents aging, strengthens the heart. In the diet of forty years, vitamins for men should be present in sufficient quantities, especially ascorbic acid. Indeed, after 40 years, the body needs additional protection from harmful environmental factors. A natural source of vitamin C is raw vegetables and fruits, berries.

  • Vitamin E.

Responsible for the production of sex hormones and the health of the circulatory system. It is contained in large quantities in the oils of all Shrovetide plants. An excess of this vitamin can cause diarrhea or hypertensive seizure.

  • Vitamin N.

The best way to protect the liver. Eliminates the body from severe intoxication, normalizes the activity of the thyroid gland, restores the functions of perception, creates a natural defense against radioactive radiation. Allows you to keep an attractive appearance even in old age, because doctors advise men to use dairy products, in which this element is contained in sufficient quantities. Vitamin N is also found in green vegetables, mushrooms and brewer’s yeast.

  • Vitamin H (biotin).

Resists to the “scourge” of male maturity, baldness. It is involved in the nutrition of hair and nails, improves the appearance of the skin. Reduces the intensity of the increase in body fat mass. Most of it is in lamb, yeast and soy products. Cabbage and dairy products are also the best sources of biotin.

The best vitamins for men in pills

The rhythm of modern life makes the observance of a rational diet rich in vitamins difficult. But only a medical examination can reveal a deficiency of nutrients. The nutritionist will tell you how to adjust the diet and recommend which vitamin supplements to add to it. Vitamins in food products do not differ from tablets tablets. It is even easier for the body to absorb them, and there is also no need to prepare food in a certain way or combine it with other products.

If you have been diagnosed with a deficiency of a certain type of vitamins, the doctor himself will recommend a suitable complex in strict dosage. If you just want to improve your health, getting all the nutrients in the right quantity every day, pay attention to the following popular complexes:

  • Alphabet for men. It is designed to meet the individual characteristics of the male body. The complex includes vitamins for the morning, afternoon and evening intake.
  • Duovit   for men. Another complex based on the specifics of male biochemistry. Tablets contain the daily rate of all necessary nutrients.
  • Oligovit. The “male” version of this drug does not exist, but a pair of dragees provides the body with beneficial trace elements for the whole day.

Choosing a vitamin complex, focus on positive reviews, not only from friends and acquaintances, but also from professionals in the field of medicine. The main thing – never exceed the dosage indicated on the package. Remember that excess vitamins can be just as harmful as their deficiencies.

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