The first signs of candidiasis in men

Candidiasis or thrush is an infectious disease of the genitourinary organs that affects both girls and boys. The disease is caused by yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida – representatives of conditionally pathogenic microflora, that is, these microorganisms are present on the body of every person, but up to a certain point their number does not threaten human health.

If favorable factors appear, then the fungi begin to actively multiply, provoking candidiasis in men and women.

Causes of male thrush

Candidiasis in men most often develops after unprotected sexual contact with a woman who has acute thrush. But sometimes the growth of fungi is promoted by factors that weaken the immune system, enabling harmful bacteria to become more active. So, among the causes of candidiasis in men are:

  • pathologies of the endocrine system (thyroid diseases, diabetes mellitus, adrenal glands);
  • immunodeficiency pathologies (autoimmune diseases, HIV, AIDS);
  • prolonged stressful conditions;
  • history of severe infections;
  • long-term use of potent drugs (antibiotics, hormones, etc.);
  • excess of the norm of carbohydrates in the diet;
  • violations of the intestinal microflora;
  • damage to the mucous membrane of the urethra.

If the patient is affected by several of the above factors, the chances of developing thrush increase several times. If during this period he has sexual contact with an infected girl, the disease will not take long. So, the incubation period with a weakened immune system is no more than four days, but with fairly strong protective forces, signs of candidiasis in men may appear after a few weeks.

Manifestations of the disease

Candidiasis in men have eloquent symptoms. They begin with the head of the reproductive organ: curdled mucus is released from the urethra, irritating the head, foreskin and skin of the penis itself. In places of irritation, wounds and erosion appear, causing discomfort. The penis turns red, swells, which is a sign of inflammation.

If a guy is obese, erosions in the skin folds of the body are not excluded: armpits, under the knees, between the buttocks. The discharge is accompanied by itching and burning, first in the internal components of the genitourinary system, and then on the skin of the genital organs.

Often these symptoms are accompanied by an increase in the lymph nodes of the inguinal zone. Violation of the integrity of the urethral mucosa does not allow you to urinate calmly: every visit to the restroom causes a burning sensation. The hardest thing is in the morning: during the night, the plaque glues the hole, and attempts to remove it lead to the appearance of wounds and sores.

With candidiasis in men, the symptoms and treatment of the disease also depend on the presence of an attached infection: fungi rarely multiply alone, they are usually accompanied by other pathogenic bacteria that complicate the course of the disease.

Frequent complications

Male candidiasis is most often accompanied by cystitis – inflammation of the bladder. With it, the urge to urinate becomes more frequent, but the excretion of urine is scanty, sometimes absent at all. In addition to the fact that emptying the bladder causes severe pain, the urine becomes cloudy, often contains blood.

Another common complication is the transition of the disease to a chronic form, when periods of remission are replaced by acute relapses. It develops if the disease is not treated or dealt with on its own, without consulting a specialist.

Also, in the absence of proper therapy, candidal balanitis (inflammation of the head of the penis) or urethritis (lesion of the urethral mucosa) may develop. Further movement of bacteria through the urethra will lead to damage to the prostate, bladder, kidneys, etc. The gastrointestinal tract can also be affected.

If candida penetrate the mucous membrane of the anus, they will reach the oral cavity through the intestines, stomach and larynx, where there is also a favorable environment for reproduction. The reverse path is also possible: after the defeat of the mouth, the yeast “descends” and reaches the rectum, and from there it gets to the mucous membrane of the urethra.

Fighting methods

The list of drugs for the treatment of candidiasis in men is quite extensive, but it is strictly forbidden to use them on your own, without prior clinical diagnosis and consultation with a specialist. Since there are several types of fungi, it is important to establish the exact type of pathogen and choose a medicine whose active substance is able to cope with the identified microorganism.

With improperly selected medicines, urogenital candidiasis in men can provoke prostatitis, inflammation of the testes, balanoposthitis , and even gangrene of the penis


For the treatment of genital candidiasis in men in the early stages of development, topical agents are usually used: creams, ointments, anal suppositories, special antiseptic solutions. Such medicines are applied to the surface of the penis, as a rule, twice a day, after treating the skin and epithelium of the urethra with Miramistin , an antiseptic, the most popular drug for fighting infections of the genitourinary system.

How to treat chronic candidiasis in men? To targeted medical products, the doctor adds pills that fight microorganisms from the inside.

Folk methods

The fight against male candidiasis is also possible with folk methods. But we must remember that non-traditional methods cannot completely replace medicines, and therefore it is strictly forbidden to refuse pharmaceutical products!

A prerequisite for the treatment of folk recipes is to coordinate them with the attending physician in order to avoid aggravation of the condition and the development of complications.

Popular and effective folk remedies.

  • Baking soda.

On its basis, a soda solution is prepared, which is used for washing the genitals or for baths.

  • Tea tree oil.

It is used similarly to a soda bath: 4-5 drops of oil are diluted in 5 liters of water and take a bath for 15-20 minutes. Separately, you can prepare a liquid for washing.

  • Propolis tincture.

Dilute 2 tbsp . tinctures in a glass of water, then the liquid is gently introduced into the opening of the penis (rinsing is carried out).

  • Tincture of calendula.

Suitable for daily hygiene procedures.

A special diet will help get rid of the disease faster. The diet should be rich in proteins and fiber, but it is better to refuse all types of carbohydrates. It is necessary to strengthen the immune system, observe the rules of personal hygiene.

A big mistake is to douche the urethra – this contributes to a deeper penetration of microorganisms. The penis is washed very gently, all fluids are introduced into the urethra slowly, allowing them to flow out.

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