The whole truth about jet orgasm

Very often women complain that they cannot experience an orgasm during intimacy. Many attribute this to the inexperience of men or to their own inability to relax. And some lucky women manage to be so liberated that they experience not just an orgasm, but a real squirting . Such a manifestation of the highest degree of pleasure delights men, and they are ready to put in a lot of effort to bring their partner to a jet orgasm. But what do we ourselves know about this phenomenon?

What is jet orgasm in women

The concept of ” squirting ” (jet orgasm) came to us from the English language. After the end of intercourse, the female body releases a stream of fluid that is stronger than during a normal orgasm. Experts say that not everyone can do it. According to statistics, only 6% of women can experience a jet orgasm.

Distinctive features of squirting

How does a jet orgasm differ from a clitoral one ? For skviringa following manifestations characterized by:

· Vaginal discharge (jet during orgasm stronger); · Physical and emotional sensations (deeper and more uncontrollable sensations that cover the whole body); · Long duration of the received sensations; · Squirting – an accomplice of multiple orgasms. 




Reasons for the lack of jet orgasm

Experts unanimously say that any woman is capable of experiencing a jet orgasm. If this does not happen, then there are reasons that prevent the ladies from reaching the highest point of pleasure. · The man does not know the female body and does not know how to properly influence the erogenous zones; · Internal psychological barriers and complexes of the woman herself; · Inability of a woman to correctly interpret her feelings, as a result of which she restrains the urges that contribute to obtaining maximum pleasure.




Signs of a jet orgasm

This type of orgasm is accompanied by sensations similar to the urge to urinate. In order to avoid embarrassment, the girls clamp the muscles of the perineum and prevent the onset of orgasm. To correctly interpret your sensations, you need to know what symptoms orgasm is accompanied by: the muscles of the vagina, press, anus and uterus begin to pulsate rhythmically, and blood rushes to the face and chest.


Studies have shown that for the female body, jet orgasm is as important as clitoral and vaginal. A regular intimate life with orgasms contributes not only to a good mood, but also to the prevention of a number of female diseases. Orgasm is an excellent antidepressant, affecting a woman’s appearance and well-being.

How to achieve

· Proper preparation (foreplay should be as relaxing and exciting as possible); · Stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris (intensive impact on sensitive areas using fingers and improvised means); · The choice of position (during intercourse, the male member should be in as close contact with the front wall of the vagina as possible); · Additional stimulation (don’t forget about the clitoris); · Masturbation and a vibrator (if there is no permanent partner, toys for carnal pleasures will help y

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