Top 10 best sex positions if your partner has a cold

Summer has passed, every day it gets colder, and colds begin to fall as temperatures drop. What if you want love without the risk of catching acute respiratory infections? Here are some of the best sex positions for colds and flu.

Of course, it is most correct to isolate a partner with a cold for a while by organizing sex at a distance. However, this is not always possible if the couple lives under the same roof. Should I give up sex? No, especially since sex strengthens the immune system and helps to overcome malaise. But it is important to reduce the risk of infection for a healthy partner. That is why we chose positions in which partners do not kiss and even breathe in different directions. But first … a little life hack ! 

RPG Games: Time to Put on Masks!

You’ve probably heard more than once about the popularity of various role-playing games during sex, but everyone put off experimenting until later. Well, it’s time to rectify the situation, because in role-playing games, masks are often used that will save you from colds. And you can start with the most popular scenario for a role-play: a patient and a handy doctor, or a patient and a sexy nurse. You can even wear a real medical mask. So what are the best positions to choose? In our review, everyone will find an option to their liking. Go… 

1. Massage pose

Colds often cause aches throughout the body, which is why we recommend this sex position for back pain. Ask the man to sit on top and massage your body before he gets inside without changing position. 

2. Pose “Iron” (with close penetration)

If it is difficult for a guy to enter at the angle indicated in the first position, then try this option. A man should lean on his hands. For closer penetration, it is necessary that the partner bend one leg at the knee.

3. Pose lying on pillows (with deep penetration)

A woman can make herself comfortable during sex on pillows by raising her pelvis with their help. We spread the hips as wide as possible so that it is convenient for the partner to enter as deep as possible. 

4. Reverse Cowgirl Pose (Deep Penetration)

Many couples are crazy about the “Horsewoman” positions, of which there are a great many in the most interesting variations. Since we are talking about protecting against colds, we recommend turning your back to the man. 

5. Reverse Cowgirl Pose (Close Penetration)

A rather difficult pose to perform is most suitable for couples with a large difference in height and weight. In this case, the girl should be miniature, since the man will have to move the girlfriend’s body, lifting her with his hands or pushing her with the pelvis. For close penetration, the girl crosses her legs. This can create pleasant pressure on the pubis by stimulating the clitoris as the thigh muscles contract.  

6. Lady’s Saddle Pose

Another variation from the category of “Girl on top” sex positions. This option is suitable for men with small penises or just couples who crave maximum contact. Deep penetration with a bright orgasm is provided.  

7. Pose “Perforator”

One of the most passionate varieties of ” Doggy- style” will be loved by fans of sultry sex. The pose is ideal for using the spanking (erotic slapping) technique , which will increase blood flow and arousal.    

8. Jailer Pose

Do you enjoy standing up sex? Then you will definitely appreciate this position in which a man can feel like a passionate dominant . Ideal for colds, since the faces of the partners are as far away from each other as possible. 

9. Jack Pose 

Another option with the maximum distance from the partner’s face. To be honest, for me this pose remained an unconquered point. Well, that doesn’t work, that’s all. On reflection with our beloved, we came to the conclusion that the pose is feasible only in the case of an incomplete erection of the penis, because with strong arousal, it simply hurts a man to lower his penis so much.

However, the pose is still worth trying for those who want to pamper themselves with Mormon “soaking” – one of the most unusual and erotic sex practices. When “soaking” the partners do not move, the penis is simply in the woman’s body. 

10. Posture while sitting

A cozy and comfortable position for sex on the couch or in a cozy armchair. A man can sit back and have fun while his partner takes the process into their own hands. The girl can actively move up and down or freeze in place using the pompur technique (and squeezing the penis with intimate muscles). You can start sex with foreplay by performing a man’s lap dance.    

Sex positions to avoid for colds

Let’s discuss a number of nuances to minimize the risk of infection. Since infection usually occurs through airborne droplets, saliva transfer options and postures where partners breathe on each other should be avoided. These include:

– the classic missionary position, as well as all positions in which the partners lie face to face;

– poses, sitting face to face;

– poses, standing face to face.

As for oral techniques to satisfy a partner ( cunnilingus , blowjob, anusling ), then everything is ambiguous. Some experts claim that this is the safest sex for a cold, but there is sometimes evidence on the Internet that some types of contagious colds can be transmitted through oral sex. Especially often, such data appears in the context of sex during the coronavirus. In this case, it is better to heal first, and then exchange saliva and other fluids. 

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