Top 10 most popular sex toys

Have you been planning to enrich your intimate life with an unforgettable experience with sex toys for a long time? Or are you just looking for an original gift for a loved one or for bachelorette / bachelor parties of funny friends? Then our review of intimate devices is what you need!

1. Dildo

Some even called the dildo faloimitatorom , but everything is ambiguous. Faloimitator always depicts the male penis (imitates the phalos ) and can be a vibrator at the same time. The dildo, however, may or may not resemble a penis and is not usually available as a vibrator. The dildo has a rich sex history, as such toys appeared at the dawn of time with the birth of Homo sapiens itself . Dildos dominate the sex toy category for a number of reasons: they are simple, easy to maintain, and relatively cheap. The most budget model will cost 10 dollars – less than an electric toothbrush!     

2. Vibrators

Since we have a women’s magazine, we will not waste time studying vibrators for guys that simulate a vagina, a woman’s mouth or vibrating breasts. There are too many of them. In the context of women’s toys, vibrators can be divided into two categories: indoor and outdoor. Internal vibrators stimulate the vagina and, for example, the G-spot. External vibrators stimulate the labia and clitoris. Some models have the ability to change external stimulation to internal. For example, the popular Butterfly clitoral vibrator contains a vibration bullet that can be easily removed from the body to be used as a small vibrating dildo . In addition, there are models with double stimulation, for example, the Rabbit vibrator – one of the best sellers in any sex shop. It consists of two parts – one is located on the clitoris, and the second penetrates into the bosom, stimulating the G-spot. The price of the cheapest vibrators starts at an average of $ 20 per model. The more features, applications and speeds, the more expensive the vibrator will cost.    

3. Anal plugs

Such plugs are extremely popular for several reasons:

– plugs help stimulate the anus;

– placed in the anus, plugs enhance the sensation of penetration into the vagina of a penis or toys;

– plugs help to develop anus before the first anal sex.

A modest, as a rule, price from $ 5 plays a significant role in the popularity of anal plugs . Vibration and material can significantly increase the cost of a butt plug.  

4. Finger tips

Wonderful “thimbles” come in all imaginable shapes, colors and with a wide variety of texture features. Tiny sex toys will make masturbation unforgettable, increasing arousal. The price of sex attachments for the finger starts at $ 5, but the cost increases depending on the design and the presence of vibration.    

5. Intimate massagers ( vibrating massagers )

Personally, I do not have a single friend who would have had a chance to try such an intimate massager on herself . But judging by the sex scenes in foreign films, he is extremely popular overseas. Vibrators of this type are often referred to as ” Magic Wands “. Outwardly, sex toys of this type are similar to a weighty microphone. They are usually used for intense stimulation of the clitoris. It is unlikely that it will be possible to find a vibratory massager cheaper than 50 conventional units.    

6. Vacuum stimulators

Judging by the ratings of sex shops, such models are confidently becoming the leaders among sex toys. Vacuum stimulants (as the name suggests) create a vacuum by stimulating the clitoris or labia area. They can also be used on nipples. Stimulation even in small modes is quite powerful. Vacuum toys accelerate the onset of orgasm, as they provoke a strong blood flow, causing the so-called. erection of the clitoris.  

7. Spinnators

This toy is a real must-have for girls who love circular movements along the clitoris. The spinner (translated from English as the one that turns around) consists of a handle and a head moving in a circle in different directions and at different speeds (modes can be adjusted). A man has not yet been born who can move his tongue at the same speed!  

8. Vaginal balls / eggs

A popular little thing among women who actively practice intimate fitness with Kegel exercises. In addition to sexual function, these toys help improve health by strengthening intimate muscles. One ball will cost a modest $ 10-15, but for training it is recommended to use kits with vaginal balls or eggs of different sizes. And the price of such kits can range from $ 50. to infinity. Everything will depend on the number of items and on the materials from which they are made.   

9. Strapon

Specific dildos on belts, panties, straps. Actually, the term itself comes from the English phrase ” strap on ” – which means “on a strap”. There is a misconception that strap-ons are only for lesbian play. This is not true. Heterosexual couples can use strap-ons during pegging ( strap- on by a woman) or for double penetration ( strap- on by a man). Since budget strap-ons are a banal dildo on a strap, their price fluctuates around only $ 20. A sensation in the sex industry was the strap- ons (which contradicts their name). Such models are attached directly to the vagina, and their purchase will cost from $ 150 and more.   


10. Sex dolls

This is where sexism really reigns – it’s in catalogs with sex dolls. In this area, more attention is paid to the needs of men. Luxurious elite dolls made of cyber skin , with vibration, modes and all sorts of attachments (for vaginal, anal, oral sex) can cost more than an apartment in the center of the capital … Frankly speaking, finding a partner for sex with a kopeck piece in the center is easier than playing around with such an elite doll.
But the price of primitive inflatable models is quite modest – from $ 50. True, they are so scary and funny that they simply discourage sexual desire.
The meager assortment of male dolls for lovely ladies, most likely, lies in the low demand from these very ladies. As polls show, girls rarely buy such a toy themselves, most often they give it to them, for example, at a bachelorette party. A significant drawback of budgetary male dolls is that they are only suitable for sex positions such as “Girl on top”. Whether it is modern models with joints, skeleton and supports. 

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