Treatment of prostatitis with black cumin oil

Many people know about black cumin as a spice that can be added to various dishes. However, the beneficial properties of this spice in the treatment of diseases of men are known only to a few. Black cumin oil for prostatitis has an almost universal therapeutic effect.


Despite the fact that the spice is not a popular means of combating diseases, experts identify a number of useful properties that are characteristic of the oil of this plant. Among them:

  1. Rejuvenation effect.
  2. A complex effect necessary to rid patients of problems, for example, overweight, hypertension, skin pathologies and many others.
  3. The expansion of the bronchi, contributing to the removal of sputum from the body (used to treat diseases of the respiratory system).
  4. Increased desire to eat (increased appetite).
  5. Decrease in the amount of sugar in the blood.
  6. Improving the production of testosterone (necessary to normalize the condition of people with pathologies such as infertility, inflammation in the genital area).
  7. Activation of the immune system.
  8. Influence on the synthesis of insulin (used to get rid of diabetes).
  9. Expectorant property.
  10. Strengthening of bone tissue, as well as hair and nails.

The impact of cumin on the human body allows you to get rid of a huge number of pathologies, for example, infertility, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, gallbladder diseases and many others. The oil of this plant can be useful for almost every system that makes up the human body.

The most effective way to treat prostatitis is the combination of drug therapy with folk remedies, one of which is this seasoning.

The beneficial effect of this plant is due to the presence in its composition of a number of substances:

  • vitamins of groups A, D, E;
  • trace elements (for example, iron and phosphorus);
  • essential oils;
  • phospholipids;
  • polyunsaturated fats.

Treatment of prostatitis

Bitter cumin oil with prostatitis gives a positive effect with various etiologies of the disease. If the disease is infectious in nature, the bactericidal properties of the plant, its ability to kill pathogenic microorganisms, are used. In case of congestion of the prostate gland, the vasodilating effect helps, increases blood flow, improves blood circulation, enriching it with oxygen.

In both cases, the effectiveness of the application is enhanced by the antispasmodic property, pain is reduced, and urination is facilitated.

Indications for the use of oil in the treatment of prostatitis with black cumin:

  1. When needed to fight infections.
  2. To get rid of pain (for example, during urination), improving blood circulation and dilating blood vessels.
  3. To normalize erection.
  4. To reduce the activity of inflammatory processes.

The peculiarity is that the plant eliminates the cause of the disease, and not just alleviates the manifestation of its unpleasant symptoms.

The plant also has a positive effect on erection, giving a man the opportunity to have a normal sex life. This action is due to the vasodilating property. A normal intimate life also helps fight congestion in the prostate, thanks to the release of seminal fluid.

With the help of the tool, the focus of inflammation is significantly reduced, the work of the prostate gland is normalized. In addition, the prostate ceases to interfere with the work of the urethral canal, relieving a man of many problems, such as the need to urinate at night.


So, in what form is it worth using sowing nigella to maximize the effectiveness of the plant in the fight against prostate diseases? There are several ways:

  1. External application (compresses, external massage with oil). For one rubbing, you need to use no more than seven drops. Also, contact with mucous membranes should be avoided. The oil is quickly absorbed, penetrates into the blood, expands and strengthens blood vessels.
  2. Reception of oil in a diluted form, namely, by adding a certain amount of it (about 25-30 drops) while taking a bath. The water temperature should not rise above 40 °C. This procedure is indicated for chronic prostatitis, it should not be taken during exacerbations, and also if the disease is bacterial in nature.
  3. Raw consumption of seeds. Helps during the recovery period.

It is almost impossible to squeeze high-quality home-made oil out of black seed oil, so it is recommended to buy liquid in specialized stores. At home, during the treatment of prostatitis, and for its prevention, patients can add black cumin oil to food: its use inside is no less useful.

Popular Recipes

  1. A drink containing an infusion of chamomile flowers (which requires 500 ml of hot water), one teaspoon of honey and one and a half tablespoons of caraway oil. All this is mixed, infused and filtered through gauze.
  2. A tablespoon of seeds is poured into a glass of boiling water. Drink in two doses during the day.
  3. You can drink one teaspoon of oil once a day for a month, repeating the course with an interval of several weeks.
  4. The seeds can be chewed. Enhance the healing effect of zira. Drink the seeds with half a glass of warm water.

Of course, it is not recommended to treat prostatitis or adenoma with black cumin alone. Any means of getting rid of this ailment must be approved by a specialist. In addition, contraindications must be taken into account.

If the patient observes any deterioration associated with the use of black cumin, it is necessary to exclude the use of this plant and choose another method of treating prostatitis.


The appearance of a rash, cough, tearing are signs of an allergic reaction. This plant is an allergen, so before taking it, you need to apply a drop of the substance to the bend of the elbow, if there is no reaction, you can use it without fear.

The use of cumin is not indicated for transplanted organs. The spice enhances the immune response of the body, so if the implants were transplanted recently, it can provoke rejection.

Treatment with the drug is contraindicated in low blood pressure and type 2 diabetes mellitus (incompatible with insulin).

It is necessary to take Nigella sowing with hypotension with caution. If, after the first days of taking this remedy, the patient feels weakness, drowsiness or other unpleasant symptoms, this method must be excluded.

Expert opinion

The results of the study of black cumin showed how effective the effects of this plant oil on the body are. It outperforms some medicines. The reason for this is as follows: Nigella sowing does not cause dysbacteriosis and strengthens the immune system.

Most of the men who cured prostatitis with this therapy left only positive feedback about this method.

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