Virtual sex: illusion or reality?

Have you ever surfed sex sites? I tried. I must say that the occupation is not for the faint of heart.

However, sometimes I want something non-standard. Especially after a hard working day and a couple of bottles of Black Prince dark beer at dinner. Then I turn on my old computer and enter the network. Time is approaching midnight, and I am drawn to talk on erotic topics. I suspect that it is better to do this with professionals, and due to my pronounced heterosexual orientation , with professionals. 

I still have not been able to find the Russian mistress on-line. Maybe they are not at all. But in the west there are a great many such ladies. True, there is a problem with the language – I only know English, and then with sin in half. Therefore, all sorts of French, German, Spanish, Italian and even Japanese advanced mistresses automatically fall out of my attention. However, those that remain are quite enough: from the States, Canada, the old Great Britain, Australia. Only in the English-speaking New Zealand I have not found anyone. But, let’s get things in order.   

Of course, I guessed that it wouldn’t be enough for communicating with professionals with a dictionary edited by O.S. Akhmanova , and therefore I installed the X-Translator translation program on my computer in advance. It’s funny thing – machine translator. The first mistress (it seems, from Florida), according to the machine version, informed me that she was wearing a transparent night gown and she “wanted to know me well”.   

Another, also from the States, wrote: “I am absolutely sensitive, I move my finger along the inner surface of your thigh, and then I will touch the back of the balls to lick them.” (If you do not believe it, run the phrase “I’m absolutely tender, moving my finger along the internal surface of your thigh and then I’ll touch the back party of your balls to lick them” through the X-Translator). Everything would be fine, but “touching the back of the balls” is too much!   

Something unusual is often found on the net. I love the unusual and enjoy comprehending every new piece of entertaining information. For example, I recently met a website dedicated to strap on. This term means … how to say it right? Well, when women make love with the opposite sex, playing a dominant role and using a dildo. Of course, this is anal sex. 

Or here’s another CFNM – this abbreviation means a variety of stories in which Clothed Female / Nude Male (dressed woman / naked man). However, words can’t describe it. 

According to statistics, about 7% of users of the global web have online sex. In terms of real people – this is almost ten million people. Why so much? Firstly, you can implement almost any non-standard scenario that is impossible in real life. Very often, those who simply do not have enough emotions and impressions are engaged in virtual sex. 

Secondly, such sex does not impose any obligations on partners, in addition , there is no risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. In some cases, virtual sex is a good means of non-drug therapy for insecure people. 

Surprisingly, the main adherents of such sex are not teenagers at all, but middle-aged people: from 30 to 45 years old. Probably because, engaged in virtual sex, you can recognize yourself from a new perspective.

And there are suits for cybersex. The simplest sex simulators are connected to a computer via a serial USB port, and the control is in the hands of an online partner. In principle, these are ordinary electronic-mechanical stimulation devices that are compatible with a computer.

However, progress does not stand still. In 2000, one of the leaders in the sex industry – the American company Vivid Entertainment Incorporated, offered the first costumes for cybersex (costing $ 170). They were made of rubber, had 36 sensors, there were male and female models. At the same time, if you put on a helmet with headphones, you can hear the partner’s voice, and on the helmet display you can see his face. 

Soon, a virtual sex partner can be created to your liking, using new computer developments. And right are those who argue that cybersex unwittingly forms innovative technologies.

And the simplest devices for cybersex have actually conquered the market. So representatives of the California-based company Sinulate Entertainment said that since the beginning of the 21st century they have sold several thousand sets for intimate communication on the Internet.

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