What do women not want?

Female sexuality is a delicate instrument. Sometimes he is “upset,” and then all sorts of fears and prejudices begin to hide our sensuality.  

It happens like this – a man comes to the doctor and starts complaining that his wife is frigid, never wants, even just runs away. A wife comes to the doctor, and then it turns out that she is not frigid at all (frigid women do not exist). She’s just afraid … of an intimate relationship. According to sexologists, such fears poison the intimate life of almost every third (!) Woman. 

No. 1: One of the most common female fears is the prospect of making love in the light. A woman is scared that a man will see all the flaws of her body. Cellulite, sagging stomach and chest after feeding the baby, stale underwear, poor pedicure. The biggest mistake is that women begin to apologize for this. And men are gullible creatures, you’ll tell them ten times that you are ugly, they will believe, they will go look for another one, confident in its irresistibility. What to do: first of all, you need to understand that if a man went to bed with you, then he does not care about your saggy tummy. He considers you attractive and sexy. Just ask him to turn off the bright light, and turn on the red night light, light candles. In the flickering of candles your body will be beautiful and radiant.   

No. 2: some women even in bed think about how not to get pregnant. Even if a woman takes advantage of all contraceptives at once, she will be distracted all the time, and after proximity she will run to the bathroom to do douching. Experts believe that this is not so much a matter of fear of pregnancy, but of childbirth. What to do: look at others – many women give birth to two and three children. Maybe it’s not so scary. The woman’s brain is designed so that she quickly forgets all the terrible things that happened during childbirth, and she only remembers the pleasure of having a baby (she herself experienced). Several sessions with a psychologist will save you from this fear.  

No. 3: many women are worried about how to not face dirt in the bedroom. If the partner asks to be careful not to press too hard, then the woman will immediately decide that she is a bad lover, completely useless. If he runs into the shower, then only to wash off the female smell. If he falls asleep, then because he is an animal, and he needs nothing but sex. So complexes are born. And I’m ugly, and stupid, and useless lover. What to do: the whole problem is your low self-esteem. Try to argue the opposite: the husband went to the shower immediately after sex, he wants to smell pleasant from him. If he fell asleep, then he was very well, he completely relaxed. Remember: self-confidence excites, and insecurity repels.   

No. 4: some women experience pain. Sometimes this happens from actual diseases – inflammation of the appendages and / or adhesions. Or too little time has passed since the birth. But healthy women have such problems. Most often this happens when the partner acts too aggressively. Or because of the incompatibility of the physical aspects. For example, if the male member is very large. What to do: if this is due to the disease, then there is only one way out – to be treated. If the husband’s “savagery”, then tell him that such an impulse of passion flatters you, but your body also needs a drop of tenderness.   

No. 5: sometimes there are processes that a woman does not like. Many do not like oral sex. Someone finds it unhygienic, someone does not like the taste and smell of sperm. Other ladies are shocked by “indecent” things, such as sex on critical days. What to do: any sex therapist will tell you – what happens in bed is always “decent”, but (!) If both partners want it. 

No. 6: as sociological polls show, the fear of being “caught” torments not only young, but also “deeply married” people. Indeed, many of them live with children and parents in small apartments, where there is simply amazing audibility. How can I relax if my mother-in-law walks out the door or a child coughs? Yes, of course, many are aroused by the risk of being caught, but not by their relatives, or, even worse – by their children. What to do: first of all , I am latching the door so that at the most crucial moment your son or daughter do not burst in, deciding that sleeping with mom and dad is much more convenient than without them. Turn on the TV or music to create the desired background noise. Just do not overdo it, otherwise you will be caught not only by relatives, but also by neighbors who want to go to bed.   

In extreme cases, you can safely go to the bathroom under the pretext of rubbing your dad’s back … You can relax more extremely, for example, in a park or in a forest. You can rent a hotel room. Yes, a little expensive, but sometimes you can pamper yourself and arrange a romantic atmosphere.

Dear girls and women, be confident in yourself. If you are tormented by something or do not like it – do not be afraid to tell your partner about it. And then you will finally be satisfied with your sex life. Remember: you are loved, desired, beautiful and attractive. I wish you happiness! 

Dear men, take a closer look with your soul mates. Despite the apparent independence, we still remain the same fragile, soft young ladies!  

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