What does a top list of female fallacies about sex look like?

Remember, just recently, just a couple of decades ago, it was believed that “we have no sex”? And suddenly it turned out – there is! There is it, darling! 

That’s just despite the abundance of information of varying degrees of frankness and reliability, all the same problems people face: they do not know how to give pleasure to each other. With super-knowledge in the field of “materiel”, knowledge of a deeper, personal nature is still in its infancy.  

Modern man and woman in bed often behave either as sex instructors or as actors in a pornographic film – they are technically impossible, but psychologically helpless. What are the most common modern misconceptions? So, the top list of female typical mistakes in front of you.      

Number One : “ Casual relationships are not a crime for a modern woman .” Absolutely (unless you consider this aspect from a religious point of view). However, haphazard relationships with different partners do not imply emotional involvement in the process, therefore, choosing this style of relationship, a woman impoverishes not only her spirituality, but also her sexuality: after all, sex is not in the body, but in the head, and 80% of the woman’s sensation in sex time depends on her relationship with her partner.   

Mistake number 2 – the belief: ” If I do not experience orgasm, then – I am frigid .” Truly frigid women are quite few, so the lack of pleasure during sex is the result of either the ineptitude of the partner, or the inexperience and poor knowledge of the woman’s own body, or simply the banal lack of emotional fullness of contact. And only in very rare cases the reason is in the physiological characteristics of the woman.    

Mistake number 3 is logically related to the previous one: ” I MUST experience an orgasm .” However, sexual relations are such a delicate sphere in which no one owes anything to anyone. It’s great if a woman experienced an orgasm, but if she did NOT experience it, she also did not guard, especially if, on the whole, she enjoyed what was happening.     

Only uncertainty in a partner and in myself (I am an inferior woman!) Make women lie and portray unearthly pleasure. This error especially clearly demonstrates the power of the influence of public opinion on us: a couple of centuries ago, female virtue was, on the contrary, coldness. And only in the last century the standards have radically changed: now women have been instilled with sexuality “according to the male type” – they, as pioneers, should be ready always and everywhere and are bound to COMPLETE. However, even very passionate women sometimes do not experience an orgasm.    

The consequence of this is mistake No. 4 : “ If you don’t have an orgasm, it’s easier to lie to your partner and pretend that everything is“ as it should be ”than to rush into unpleasant explanations for both .” This opinion is fraught with the fact that the female orgasm will never come at all: after all, if it did not work out for the first time , there is a chance to fix everything by explaining to the partner how it should be, or at least how it should not.      

And if you keep silent for the first time, it is likely that it will be the same in the 10th and 100th, and then it just seems silly to admit that the partner is doing something different than you need and want: at the same time, it means a grave need to admit that all this time there was continuous pretense and acting … Not every relationship in a couple can stand the test of such recognition, so a woman becomes a hostage to her own lies.   

On the other hand, if the relationship is one-time, it is sometimes easier not to explain what and how, but simply to pretend that everything is fine. However, who knows how fate will turn, and will this person be truly random in your life? Therefore, if there is even the slightest doubt that you will never see each other again , be honest.   

Mistake number 5 – fall in love with a random partner . A modern woman is sometimes a paradoxical creature: she can “build castles in the air” and invent a prince for herself , even when she wakes up with no one knows where and with no one. This is the result of a thousand-year program for ensuring the survival of the species: a woman must create a family so that the genus continues and the offspring are not on her fragile shoulders. The deep layers of the psyche work ironically: once there was sex – there was an opportunity to get pregnant, since there was an opportunity to get pregnant – you need to build a “cell of society” …      

Everything has changed a long time ago, a woman has already had the opportunity to raise her offspring on her own, and even sometimes better than a man would have done … However, the established programs insure her from single motherhood, making her fall in love (at least for an hour!) With the one with whom she sleeps. 

Misconception No. 6 : to believe that sex obliges a man to something . It’s not that sex was not a reason for acquaintance, it’s about another thing: sex is definitely not a reason for blackmail.  

An attempt to manipulate a partner in the style of: “I will sleep with you, but I need this and that for that” or “until I think I will not sleep with you!” – the woman herself is humiliated first of all. In such a situation, she evaluates herself as a commodity, herself appoints a price, and herself agrees to sell herself for a certain material or moral equivalent – so this is the same prostitution, alas.   

Number 7 is the conviction that “ during sex, a man pays close attention to the figure of a partner, her skin, hair, manicure and other nuances .” I have to upset you: with very few exceptions , it DOESN’T.  

First, a man perceives the image holistically, comprehensively, without fixing himself on the details (although this does not mean that the details are not important: if the pieces do not fit into an attractive puzzle, the man will not end up in bed with this woman). Secondly, a man (especially for the first time) is much more concerned about the size, elasticity and effectiveness of his penis than the size of his partner’s hips: if the hips hadn’t “fit” in configuration , they would simply not have ended up in a bed, as already mentioned .   

Number 8 is misleading about the need to comply with sexual stereotypes – that is, how a RIGHT woman should behave in bed.    

Two extremes are dangerous here. The first is the thought that all men love passionate, wild cats. Not everyone! Some people have so much extreme sports in everyday life that in bed they just want relaxation, that is , affection and gentleness. While the girl, having seen enough of the films, pretends to be a passionate tigress, the man realizes that he will not be able to stand this marathon for more than 10 days – and wisely leaves the race until he is disqualified with shame. If the girl is really so temperamental – this is for the best for both, but if she just pretended – she risks losing a man who could well make up her happiness.      

The opposite belief that “a woman should be the subject of conquest” leads to problems, that is, that this man should try her best, and she graciously gives him her charms for pleasure. Remember: exercises on a log do not appeal to everyone … 

It is dangerous to health (and even life!) The opinion that a man, if he is the initiator of sex, should worry about his safety . Is not a fact! Rather, such care will be a pleasant exception, therefore, a girl who is ready to enter into a relationship with a man should take care of contraception herself: after all, the responsibility ultimately rests with her (in the form of a pregnancy followed by an abortion or the birth of a child). Mistake number 9 can cost her dearly.    

And finally, No. 10 (but by no means by significance) is a banal dishonesty . Alas, even in our age, the dominance of cosmetics by women is sometimes very reminiscent of medieval court ladies, hiding the smell of unwashed bodies behind the smell of perfumes.    

If a woman does not follow the rules of hygiene – this is a huge mistake. It is not a matter of smell or even the “bouquet” of bacteria that she cultivates in herself and which she is ready to bestow on her partner. The fact is that a person who is so neglectful of his body does not love himself, which means he will not be able to love others.  

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