What does love give us?

For some reason, it is believed that there is no love. Any individual who has gone through the stage of falling in love and climbed to a new stage of relations is very disappointed when he realizes that there are no “butterflies in his stomach”, no sex three times a day, no adrenaline rush from the sound of the voice of the second half. And there is daily communication (“both chattering and chattering!”), Sex on Saturdays (“something is hurting your head”) and SMS messages in essence (“Buy bread!”). So they think that there is no love, but there is only one habit, which happiness replaces. With the light hand of a genius, we believe in these words, and therefore we do not see what love really is. And she brings to our lives much more than love. That gives only a feeling of high, and you can get tired of it too. Love gives:  

… great sex
So different … After all, you get tired of the monotony and start looking for something new. Lazy people follow a simple path – they are looking for new partners. But what will they get besides the adrenaline of love? After all, only with a person whom you completely trust can you go to the most shocking experiments. And only knowing the partner well, you can give him unimaginable pleasure. 

… joint sleep
You can warm each other on cold nights. You can be a soft toy that is pressed against your stomach. You can lie in the dark and listen to your breath. And do not feel universal loneliness.

… understanding interlocutor
With whom you can not only talk, but also tastefully shut up. Which thoughts are so in tune with yours, sometimes you speak in unison or end the phrase for each other, while at the same time amusing others. And the topics for discussion are simply inexhaustible – from the problems of extraterrestrial intelligence to caustic gossip about common acquaintances. 

… an assistant in everyday life
It is quite tiring to solve all domestic problems alone. But a loving person can easily share this burden with you. If you do not arm yourself with a vacuum cleaner, then a stubborn nail will hammer into the wall. And magically cure a sick computer. And at the same time solve the problem of hanging mice in the refrigerator.

… dad (mother) for his children The
most loving, the most caring. Sometimes strict, but often cheerful. Which will balance your parental severity or excessive frivolity.

… a driver (or navigator)
With whom even to the ends of the world – or in a night city. 

… the
same habit when you can be yourself. When you no longer need to look at each other, the main thing is in one direction. 

… after all, the second source of money in the house

… just a man
for whose sake you can conjure at the stove, and get up at five in the morning to kiss at the door. With whom you can go to the movies. Or to a restaurant. Or to parents. Which for the sake of you and at the stove will conjure, and at five in the morning it will rise … A person who understands you (sometimes – better than you). Which will give you a variety of emotions, both joyful and not so. But every day! 

That’s all the love …

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