What foods contribute to a happy sex life?

If you want to make your sex life brighter and more saturated, then you need to stop eating delicious french fries and switch to healthy, wholesome foods. Many products contain natural aphrodisiacs – substances that increase sexual desire. 

Let’s see what food you need to eat so that after dinner you and your loved one do not lie on the TV, but run straight to bed to fulfill their secret fantasies.

Seafood – leaders in the amount of nutrients necessary for a happy sex life. They contain zinc, phosphorus, iron and mineral salts, which are simply necessary to maintain sexual activity. Zinc is involved in the synthesis of testosterone – the main male hormone responsible for sexual desire and sperm production. Iron is a source of charge for sexual energy. Phosphorus is very important for the full functioning of the brain and nerves, it is responsible for sexuality as a person’s quality.    

Eggs – contain vitamins A, B1 and protein. Vitamin A deficiency violates the proper secretion of the genitals, the condition of the mucous membranes of the vagina depends on it. Vitamin B1 affects the level of hormones, its lack greatly weakens the body. Protein in men contributes to the formation of more sperm, helps to quickly restore the penis after ejaculation.  

Bananas are rich in potassium and natural sugar. If the body does not have enough potassium, then the person becomes lethargic, slow, and he, of course , is not up to sex. With bananas, you can prepare an exciting dessert. Bananas are cut into slices, filled with yogurt, walnuts and a mixture of curry seasonings are added to them. You can eat this dish both before sex, and in breaks, during rest. By the way, bananas can also be used as sex toys. A little imagination is enough and you will combine business with pleasure – enjoy banana caresses and consume a healthy product. Many men love the taste of banana mixed with female “juices” – this can also be considered as a powerful aphrodisiac.     

Whole Grain Bread – Replace regular 1st or 2nd grade bread in your diet with whole wheat germinated wheat. It contains in large quantities the well-known “sexual” vitamin E. Everyone, however, it is rather difficult to obtain the necessary amount of vitamin E from natural food and therefore it is recommended to use it in the form of appropriate preparations. 

Unrefined sunflower oil – also contains vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It is enough to add only one tablespoon to the salad, replacing them with mayonnaise. Please note that this applies only to unrefined oil. 

Cottage cheese – rich in calcium, which affects the menstrual cycle in women and the ability to conceive in men. Without calcium, women would not have breast milk. In men , a normal level of calcium prevents premature ejaculation, and its deficiency lowers libido and potency.    

Nuts – walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, chestnuts, almonds. They contain a large amount of protein necessary for sperm production and increase the level of sexual hormones in the body. Almonds, in addition, also contain vitamin E and calcium. Most clearly, it manifests itself in combination with honey.  

Seeds – sesame seeds are most preferred, sunflower, pumpkin, watermelon seeds are also useful. Seeds are very nutritious and rich in healthy fats and magnesium, but their beneficial properties affect the body only when consumed raw.  

Honey is one of the best natural reducers of sexual energy. It is enough to eat one tablespoon of honey in the morning on an empty stomach and after a while drink hot tea or milk. But in no case should you dissolve honey in any hot liquid, because honey will lose all its beneficial properties.  

Chocolate – contains substances that produce serotonin – a hormone of happiness and pleasure. For love purposes, it is best to purchase dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, about 70%.   

Vanilla is an excellent aphrodisiac. Just do not confuse “vanilla”, which is sold in bags, with real vanilla. To add to baking, vanillin is used, which has the smell of vanilla, but is in no way suitable for the role of a sexual stimulant. Real vanilla is sold in dark brown pods.  

Berries – in our case, this is strawberries and raspberries, which are always found in the gardens of our hostesses. These berries enhance sexual desire in men and women due to the high content of zinc.  

Of course, these are not all products containing natural aphrodisiacs. In this article, we examined only those that can be easily and inexpensively purchased in an average Russian store. Do not be afraid to experiment with products of erotic cuisine. Compositions of different ingredients act differently on the body of each person. Look for what suits you and your partner.

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