What in a woman’s behavior during sex annoys a man?

Sex, as you know, is an integral and very important component of relationships in a couple. The strength and durability of the union of a man and a woman depend on how well an intimate life develops. Therefore, it is so important to avoid mistakes that can ruin your sex life and lead to a breakdown.   

Let’s talk about the most common female mistakes in bed. Often, the fair sex does not even realize that something in their behavior during sex does not like the man, annoying him. He may not complain and not inform you of his negative feelings, saying that everything is in order, everything is as usual. It is easier to do this than to speak frankly about sex, your desires and needs, or to express dissatisfaction.   

But silence does not improve the quality of intimate life. It only aggravates it; dissatisfaction and discontent remain. All this suggests that the couple lacks mutual understanding and emotional closeness. The best way to avoid such a problem is openness and full trust between partners. 

Psychologists in the field of family relations give a hint that in female behavior during sex can annoy men.  

So what do they dislike? What should i avoid? Among the common female errors, several of the most common ones can be distinguished. 

Excessive talkativeness

As you know, women are great lovers of conversation. They crave to share with their loved one everything that happens to them. However, bed is not a place for idle chatter. Empty conversations during intimacy annoy men.    

More men want to hear the voluptuous groans of their lover, enjoying sex, than her inappropriate story about planned purchases, everyday worries and problems, as well as other things not related to sex, love and passion.


The shy behavior of a woman during intercourse does not excite a strong sex. Experiences and complexes about his appearance, stiffness and tightness, fear of appearing in front of his beloved in an unattractive form – all this should remain outside the bedroom.   

If a man loves a woman, he will not study under a microscope cellulite or extra centimeters in the waist area on his lover’s body. In bed, he wants his lover to behave relaxed, to enjoy intimacy, and not to suffer from far-fetched problems that negatively affect the quality of sex.

Manipulating a man through sex

A rare man agrees to endure for a long time the manipulative tricks of the chosen one of the heart, who refuses to have sex and “breaks”, requiring something in return for the promise to have sex with him. Such blackmail is not painted by a woman. 

So that a man does not lose interest in his beloved, she should avoid phrases like: “first, wash the dishes, and then I will have sex with you”. They do not have an exciting effect on a man, but rather are able to cool his ardor. 

The control

Many men do not tolerate when women during love pleasures try to manage their actions in bed, to command and control. Not every woman is willing to accept and satisfy the desire of a woman to dominate in sex.

Psychologists advise simply asking your man to do something that gives you particular pleasure, but not to usurp power, trying on a dominant role.

Fear of ruining your hair or makeup

The phrases “don’t smear my makeup” or “I won’t do this, otherwise I’ll ruin my hairstyle” during intimacy literally infuriate the stronger sex. Why did you have to “draw your face” and do your hair before having sex?

A woman’s concern that a love game can ruin her appearance can infuriate any man. During sex, he wants his chosen one to think only about what is happening at the moment in the bedroom and about him, and not about such nonsense.

Knowing that in female behavior in the course of intimacy can lead a man out of himself, anger him or cool his ardor, will help his lover to avoid typical mistakes in this delicate sphere of relations, on which the strength of a love union depends.  

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