What is a pickup truck? Forward to the victory!

Men have a philosophical and practical doctrine on the seduction of women. Pickup called. A curious thing. I will now tell you what pick-upers teach. I want to warn women: I will write about everything honestly. You may be in for a little shock. You will have to plunge into a real masculine world. So sorry if that is not the case. Ready? Fasten belts.  

The basics

Women reveal winners. So that the human race continues to be viable.

Win! And do not feel guilty about this. In fact, your victory always attracts a woman, even if it is a victory over her. Because the role of men on earth is to win. And the woman’s share belongs to the family of winners and to continue this family.  

Be a man! Know that you can do whatever you want. Know that they need you more than you need them. Go around the world without apology or excuse for your male desires. Remember, there is no woman so beautiful and rich that she could not become yours. 

How to win in a relationship with the opposite sex?

There is behavior that most women unconsciously like. Moreover, this behavior in words is condemned by women themselves. They will tell you that they want you to respect her choice, decency and the like. It seems to them that they really want it. They will even love you in their own way, if during the year you will walk them under the moon. But their panties are abundantly moisturized from a completely different behavior – from your sexual activity. And in the end, their love will still be given to those who exhibit such behavior. 

Walk around the bush less. Speak specifically your desires, try to master it wherever possible, and never listen to what she says. React only to her actions, not words. “Get in, don’t kill,” is written on the cover of one of the issues of Men’s Health magazine. Love has its own logic, it does not tolerate timidity. 

Of course, the criminal code immediately prevents her from fucking, so sometimes you have to adapt to women’s troubles. The mistake of many men is that, adjusting to the picture of the woman’s world, he himself begins to profess her principles. Do not forget about your true goal! Get everything from her as quickly as possible, spending as little money and effort as possible.

The humble guy will walk, talk, never gain access to the body and die out. The humble will stand in front of her door and knock timidly at the door. A normal man will knock loudly, then kick the door with his foot, and if necessary climb through the window. Good guys are preferable from the point of view of family life, but they do not cause real interest among women, they are kept “just in case”, and girls with bad ones run away. She doesn’t need a “decent” one, she needs someone who overcomes all her fears and conventions, and does with her what she has long dreamed of — she will master it. 

Joke. Vasya and Masha worked as painters. They painted the wall at the level of the tenth floor, while on a lift. He wanted to use the toilet. She says: “To go down for a very long time, let’s pee right on top of the fountain, and I’ll hold you.” He got what they write, she holds it from behind … A week later. Three women met and began to discuss men. One says: “The best men in France, they are so gallant and courteous.” Another: “The best men in Brazil. Real macho hardy in bed. ” Third: “No, the best men in Russia, they are the most active. Recently I was walking around a Russian city, I sat down at the fountain to relax, and suddenly I saw a man jumping at me from the tenth floor with a cry of “Pi … yes-ah-ah-ah!” 

Everything is very simple. Women just wait when you want them. To be a maniac, but he didn’t strangle him to death. So show her a dizzying combination of qualities. Be gallant, but male, gentle, but cynical, read poetry in her ear, but boldly climb under her skirt. “I dream that a good young man burst into my bedroom and act like an evil one!” (Russian Radio). So your motto should be “Go and take it,” especially with regard to girls. And for those who want to take, they give and do not ask for money.

Nobody will appreciate your indecision. Adhere to generally accepted norms, be polite, but again and again try to fuck her, persuade, excite, poke a member. She will thank you for that. Gradually increase the scale of transition from gallantry to power. Where is that line? Each girl has her own facet, so be flexible, track her reactions. Read the criminal code and do as you need.

It is so simple that, believe me, it will soon seem completely incomprehensible to you how you lived without it before. And you will have such self-confidence that the girls themselves will rush at you – they all dream of a confident man.  

Joke. A friend approaches Lieutenant Rzhevsky and asks for help: – Lieutenant, here you are enjoying great success with the ladies. Teach me how to get to know each other in order to be as successful as you. – There is nothing easier. Come up to the lady you like and say: “Madame, let me play you hard!” – But the lieutenant, you can get your hands on your face! – It is possible in the face, sir. But I usually play a bit. 

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