What is a pickup truck? Woman management

What to do with mercantile women?

Men like to complain about women’s commercialism. Like, the more you will show interest in her, the stronger she will be tempted to get more material wealth for access to her body. Naturally. Would you refuse to combine business with pleasure? 

And she wants to feel in demand as long as possible. Therefore, he resists a little. This requires a female instinct. But they will not resist forever, they are also not iron and also want to. Yes, and everyone is afraid that if you fail to break its defense, you will spread to more affordable ones. “Is n’t I running too fast?” The chicken thinks, running away from the rooster.  

Of course they want men. The question is to whom they will surrender for free, and from whom they will draw life goods, which are never too many. Yes, they want some sexually and give them for free, while others are brainwashed, demanding payment for access to the body with gifts, attention, time or marriage proposal. “Some want to give everything at once, while others want to heal everything.” (From the newspaper “AIDS-info”).

What you will be for her depends on you. I think each of you wants to be given free of charge. Everyone wants to be a winner in love. Everyone wants to feel the power emanating from him, attracting and charming females. Everyone wants to enjoy fantastic, rare women, even if he himself is not an Apollo, and his wallet is empty.

Even if you do not have money, why be afraid of mercantile women? Yes, that man who, in exchange for sex, is ready to support a woman and her offspring, who is ready to spend time pumping up money, will always be favorably received by any woman.

Women are practical, do not put a finger in their mouth, bite to the elbow. The great philosopher Schopenhauer said: “Women are convinced in their souls that the purpose of a man is to earn money and spend it.” Courts are full of cases where the former “gentle and amazing” are trying to chop off a piece of fat.  

Do not rely on a miracle. Do not idealize them. The woman is practical. She constantly has in mind the size of your wallet, the presence of an apartment, a car, and the position of your parents. They really want to live well. What is bad here? Just that you have little money. But even if you have money, then what’s the point of paying for what they themselves want to give for free?

It’s hard for a woman. Sexual instinct requires a lieutenant, and maternal instinct requires a family and raise offspring. She understands that the lieutenant will never belong only to her, and therefore agree to men who are less “male”, but more “family”. But secretly they dream of lieutenants. 

Cool your girlfriend.

Any, even the cutest girl from the very beginning begins to gently probe you. Unnoticed, she is trying to find an opportunity to control you. It is in their nature, and you must be prepared for this. And do you know what leverage can turn you from a peasant into a rag or wallet? This lever is the fear of losing her. 

As soon as she feels this fear , she will immediately use it. To become a man again in her eyes, show that you are not afraid to lose her.   

The biological task of a man is to fertilize as many females as possible. A gentlemanly set of desires – money, cars and heifers. So show that you are not alien to be a gentleman. And then she will immediately want to fulfill her biological task in relation to you. And the biological task of a woman is to wrap up and bind forever to herself the most high-quality man, adapted for survival.   

Combining the biological goals of different sexes would be easy if we allowed each other to marry, but since no woman wants to let her faithful to the side and no man wants to give birth to strangers, the biological tasks of different sexes become mutually exclusive. And whoever succeeded in realizing precisely his task, he won.  

If you do not win, women will win. They do not want your success at all, they want to assert themselves at your expense. Remember and always be on top, even if she is in bed on top.

Never be afraid to put your damsel in place. Not a single girl has yet left the one who has shown himself to be the master. On the contrary, it makes her eyes glow with happiness and provides you with violent sex.

All the suffering of women from high expectations. Do not miss the moment when you need to lower it from heaven to the sinful earth, otherwise your life will turn into hell. Explain to her that this is not a bitter life, but the illusions were too sweet. If you drove her to work every day by car, massage her, take her to restaurants and say compliments because you wanted to put her to bed, who said that this remains your responsibility even now that you have received it? Moreover, why does she think that now you must, in addition, knock out the carpet, take out the trash and go to the market for groceries? And it’s really a shame that sex has now become a duty for you from a reward.

Wake up! Teach her to be thankful. Lower her expectations, it will be easier for her. Let it develop. Let him understand that such as she is, she is needed only by herself. 

Have you ever appreciated her both in the bed and beyond? Frankly, you still continue to appreciate her. Only she seems to be too arrogant. So, your attitude is not for her. Your sacrifice must have a limit. The farmer who throws seeds into ungrateful soil is bad.

So, it’s time to point out its shortcomings. On physical especially. Or frigidity. Explain to her that she is not at all so beautiful, good and in demand, as she thinks of herself.

In no case do not stoop to revenge, do not try to punish her with something painful for past injections of your vanity. Just create a relationship. Do not be like those who run to the girl year after wedding, humiliate themselves, and then recoup their whole lives. These are sick people, not a couple to us, real males. Just put it in place so that your future life together will be happy. She herself wants to be stopped when she was peddling. If she understands everything , you will have a wonderful girl. If not, thank God, then “let her wretch the pathetic fraerok.” 

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